WRITING FOR SUCCESS: A Dames guide to successful writing

By: Megan Nikole

From blogs to novels and everything in between, if you’re a writer getting the ball rolling and finding
time to write can be a real challenge. Whether you are full time writer or just write for fun, it can be hard to meet deadlines that you are given or give yourself. Let us say you’re writing a holiday story. It’s likely you want to release it around the first of November. It is recommended that you have the book finished 3 months prior to the book being released. So August would be a soft deadline for you. Maybe you have a goal to get a least 3 blogs posted weekly. This would be another soft deadline. Regardless of your time frame, it is nice to have plan and strategy to get the most productivity out of the time spent on your writing. Here are a few tips that may help you map out a plan for success.

 Have an outline:

First and for most, you should have an outline of whatever you are writing. For books you could something like the Snow Flake Method and for blogs or informational writing you could use something as simple as a research paper outline. I know some people just like to start writing, and for SOME this method may work. But once you have put the time into completing the big picture of your story or article it will be much easier to go and fill in the blanks. It allows you to have a clear path from start to finish and you can plug in ideas or information at any point throughout the story and make your writing session a productive one.

2.       Use Whatever technology works for you:

If you live anywhere near a city, you can walk around and see someone on an iPad or
tablet at any given time. If you were to walk into a Starbucks, its Mac Books and tablets scattered about with people diligently working. However not everyone has the time, money, or savvy to use the new latest and greatest product.  Now, at minimum you will need to have a computer and word processor to write get your work published, but I mention this to say, utilize what works for you. If you are most comfortable with paper and pencil use it! Even If you keep a notebook with you at all times to jot down your ideas, make sure get the tools that will best help you.

“I had a friend run out and get an iPad, because she just knew that if she had it,  it would help her write more because of the portability. She soon realized that she hated typing on it and ended up not using it at all for her writing. So again, just find what you like and stick with it.”

3.       Make it mobile:

If you are someone that uses technology as much as you can, take your writing with you. Make it mobile. I personally use
Evernote (it is free to have an account and you can get the premium version for $5 a month, depending what you want to use it for). This allows me to write, add, or start a new idea no matter where I am. I have an app on my phone, and you can access it from any computer. There are other applications that can do the same thing. With that being said, find one that works with you and the platforms that you have. This will allow you to jot something down whenever it comes to mind. Use your time to work on your writing on your lunch break, train, plane or anywhere you want!

4.       Make time:

Some people say to write whenever you get motivated. But for those of us who don’t write for a living it isn’t that easy. You have to MAKE time. Allot a certain amount of time every day or every other (depending on your preference and time lines). I will say, if you just write for fun, than yes, write whenever you have free time and feel motivated. BUT if you are writing to gain followers or finished a book or article, make a scheduled time and stick with it. Whether you are motivated at that time or not, if you sit and read over your work, it will be beneficial and who knows you might just get the ball rolling. (Or do some proof reading and editing if nothing else.)

5.       Create Your Space:

The great thing about writing is that you are able to do it anywhere. You can sit on your couch, or outside at a park somewhere.  However, if you are a “writer” it is important to carve out a dedicated space to write in. This could be as simple as going to the local Starbucks when you plan on writing. But when it comes to your home, find a space make that space yours. Hang inspiring pictures related to your topics; make it clutter free, noise free and comfortable for you to spend your time there. This will ultimately help you think clearly when writing.   

I love writing, and if you are a writer I would imagine you love it too. But even so, some projects can prove challenging to get started. In all reality you could be sitting on the toilet while writing your book, HOWEVER that will only get your so far. You want to set yourself up for success right from
the start. I have heard about too many people just putting pen to paper and writing aimlessly until the finally figure out what direction they want to go. This is just a big waste of time. If you have deadlines for a job, or just self-motivated reasons to write, these few tips can help you reach your goals and become the most successful writer you can be.

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