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MESSY DESK SYNDROME: Don't let this be you

Every office has it. The infamous messy desk. So many times you will walk by it and think to yourself, oh my they must be really busy. And this may very well be the truth, but more than likely they are just unorganized. Some people keep their desk messy to make themselves feel important or like they have more work than make really do. It helps make a not so busy person look busy. But for us hard working people, having an unorganized desk can do more harm than good. A clean desk equals a productive desk. And the more mess you have the likelier you are to be less productive. With money equaling time, the more work you can get done in least amount of time, the better off you are. Here are some ways to help keep you and your desk organized. 

WORKING MOTHERS: How to not let family hold you back from advancement

Getting offered a better position within your company is always very exciting. It means that you and your work have impressed someone to give you more responsibility, and likely more pay. But what happens when this new positions has a direct effect on your family. What is a single mother to do when it cuts into her family time? Does she pass up a position that she’s been offered? Or does she "make it work" at the expensive of time spent at home? If you are not able to improve yourself, then how can you improve your family? Here are some tips on how to "make it work" and not have to give up on your professional advancement.

STRESS: A dames guide to managing stress at work

We all have to work, well most of us anyway, and I will venture to say most simply have jobs and not careers. We work for a paycheck so we can live. The economy is getting stronger, but I know from personal experience that a lot of hard working people are pushed and overloaded in their current positions. This leads to stress, and for some of us a lot of it. It is one thing to be busy and productive at work, but it's another to let work get you to the point of unhealthy stress. Which could eventually lead to all kinds of health related problems, including adrenal fatigue. Even if you choose to make work your life, there is a limit to how you should let it effect you. I have come up with some simple tips to help anyone unstress themselves at work.