STRESS: A dames guide to managing stress at work

We all have to work, well most of us anyway, and I will venture to say most simply have jobs and not careers. We work for a paycheck so we can live. The economy is getting stronger, but I know from personal experience that a lot of hard working people are pushed and overloaded in their current positions. This leads to stress, and for some of us a lot of it. It is one thing to be busy and productive at work, but it's another to let work get you to the point of unhealthy stress. Which could eventually lead to all kinds of health related problems, including adrenal fatigue. Even if you choose to make work your life, there is a limit to how you should let it effect you. I have come up with some simple tips to help anyone unstress themselves at work.

  1. Take a walk: Our bodies were not meant to sit more than a couple hours at a time. However most of us are stuck behind our desks for over 8 hours a day. This adds additional mental and
    physical stress that was never there before. To help minimize this, get up and take a walk. You don't need to do laps, but make sure it's for at least five minutes. Grab a water or take a walk to the bathroom. This will help you momentarily detach from your work as well as have physical benefits.
  2. Short Day: If you are working long hours on a daily basis, make one night an early night. Pick whatever day fits best with your schedule and make it an 8 hour day. Whether it's to catch your favorite show or to go grab dinner, make sure to give yourself at least one day where you are putting in a "normal" length day.
  3. Take a vacation: Don't be afraid to actually take that vacation, that's why you have the time.
    Sometimes we just need to get away from the office. Whether you actually travel to a destination or have a "stay-cation" it's always good to fully remove yourself from work and focus on what's important in your life. 
  1. Focus: We all need to multitask at times, however it is important to stay focused at the task at hand. When things are all over the place it is hard to complete one task to the best of your abilities. Make sure you don't worry about what every one else is doing UNLESS your job calls for it. 
  2. Task List: It is crucial to keep an updated task list at all times. This allows you to come into
    work and prioritize what needs to be done first and in what time frame it needs to be completed. When you're able to stay on top of what's necessary and push out what's not, it allows you to minimize the feeling of being rushed to get work done. This also prevents you from getting overwhelmed.
  3. Stop problems before they start: If you see a problem that keeps coming up or a procedure that  just isn't working, address it right away before it gets out of control and becomes an even bigger problem. Clearly identify what the issue is, and make sure everyone is aware of any changes that need to be made. This will help eliminate any stressful issues or the need to spend time on a problematic situations.
  1. Get your sleep: People say that running on five hours of sleep is doable. And it is, if it's on occasion. However, a person needs at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep on a regular basis. It's very
    important that you create time to sleep. If that means going to bed an hour earlier or sleeping in an hour later try to make the appropriate adjustments. It will greatly help you reduce stress.
  2. Exercise: Of course this is easier said than done. But not everybodies body is not made to do CrossFit, P90X, or run on a treadmill for five hours. Exercise can be something as simple as yoga, stretching, taking a brisk walk or doing lightweights in your living room. As long as your body is moving for at least 30 minutes a day this will help reduce stress and keep your body well tuned.
  3. Eat well & drink water: I know first hand that I can become so wrapped up in my work day that I forget to eat and have only had half a bottle of water. You need to make it a point to drink as much water as you can throughout the day. I'm not talking about gallons but at least two to four
    bottles in 8 hours. Always, when you do eat, pick something that has a high nutritional value to it. Take out is always a nice treat, but try to keep it to a minimum. 

So many people may think that these tips sounds almost too easy. But if you implement all of these points into your daily work life it will help you get through it with a limited amount of stress and worry.

By: Megan Nikole
Just a dame in the life


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