BULLYING IN THE WORK PLACE: How not to become a victim

The door opens, you slowly walk in. All eyes are on you. You are officially in the lions den. This is the feeling when you are new walking into an office full of women. Women are nurturing, loving and compassionate, right? Wrong. Kind of. They can be vicious, spiteful, mean girls almost reverting back to high school like tactics within the workplace. We can become like pack animals, tearing into one another jut because it's the latest gossip. You could be a new girl, wear a bad outfit, or simply say something that someone doesn't like and that could make them turn on you. People group together in all different settings but when they become clicky and start making others uncomfortable, it becomes a problem. Doing the same thing day in and day out can become almost boring. And knowing that people thrive off of drama and chaos (the reason Jerry Springer is still on TV) they will do what's necessary to keep stirring the pot. Be sure it's not you helping  turn your work place into the halls of a high school. And if you find yourself on the outside of the mean girls, here are some tips on how to keep yourself focused and neutral. 

Keep your opinions to yourself:
You know the saying opinions are like assholes everybody has one. This does not mean that you cannot talk or have a conversation with your coworkers. Everybody at work needs to vents and be themselves. However, if someone chooses to share a personal story, and you have an opinion on it, whether it be good or negative keep it to yourself. It could be taken out of context and before you know it, you have upset the whole office. Simply be mindful of the conversations you contribute to and what comes out of your mouth.

Remain professional at all times:

No matter what type of position you hold there's bound to be aggravation in your work life. And no matter who you are, the same is true of your home life. However, no matter what upsetting situation you may be dealing with,  your actions need to be kept professional at all times. If you were having a bad day at home leave it at the door. If you're having a bad day
at work, positively figure out how to solve it. You want to keep your professionalism displayed so that there is nothing for anyone else to talk about. This will allow others to view you as a true professional and not drag you, or your situation into any unwanted gossip.

Be confident:

You're an employee of company, you're an adult. Be sure that you are the one acting like it. Be confident in yourself and don't stoop down to to anyone else's level. You obtained the position you hold based off of your resume and selling your self and your skill set to the company. Be sure not to disappoint your superiors or yourself by getting involved in unnecessary gossip and rumors that may circulate in your office. You are your own person and be sure you stand on your own 2 feet.

Don't spread the gossip:

Sometimes we need a break in the day and by hearing rumors or gossip it may help the monotony. To listen to somebody say something is not a crime. But to then repeat and
perpetuate the conversation into more than what it is means you are spreading rumors. Don't let this be you. Put yourself in the other person shoes before you start spreading what you may have heard. If it's something that bothers you or directly affects you be an adult, be professional and simply approach the individual to settle the matter. Or if that makes you feel uncomfortable take it to your boss or HR to settle the situation.

Don't get involved in it:

The easiest way to steer clear of any office bullying, is to simply not getting involved. This combines all of the above to mentioned situations. Remain a professional at all times, don't comment or get involved in anybody's personal lives or their conversations. Keep as much as you can work related and focused on your daily tasks at hand. The workplace is not a popularity contest. Even though some of the women there may feel like it is. Go in and do your job to the best of your abilities and go home. If you're lucky enough to make friends along the way than it is simply an added benefit.

BY: Megan Nikole
Just a dame in the life


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