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VANITY SLAVE: A Dames truth to our vanity

“The high school female need earrings and details so she can be cool to be amongst popularity. The various name brands that reach the price scan that’s not about the right price, but more like the right scam to rule us all, confuse us all…”  ~ Kendrick LamarVanity Slave
Our generation has lived through the greatest recession the United Stated has seen since the Great Depression. But through this Americans seemed to not curb their spending habits much at all in light of the economic struggle. Saving accounts dwindled and people were losing their homes, but the need and want for materialistic didn’t change. In fact, for some, it even seemed to get worse because they didn’t want anyone to think “they were affected” when it truly touched us all. So the question is why is it so important to make sure everyone else sees that we have the best? This is what makes us vanity slaves. It is our state of mind. When we are overspending even though our bank accounts are empty, this mean we are vanity…

BEING PROFESSIONAL: A Dame's guide to always being a Professional

The first place people look to figure out what is trendy or in style is the TV. The shows on television depict a lot of different perspectives of individuals. The one depiction that is common both in shows and in reality, are the way professionals are viewed. For example, when you hear "professional women" the image of a well-groomed, well-mannered woman comes to mind. They would have a clean polished look, including a nice suit and a killer pair of heels. She would be confident and strong in her position and would act accordingly. But in reality every job has its own atmosphere and level of what is considered professional. What may seem acceptable in one company may not be in another. Regardless of the atmosphere, there basic rules to professionalism. Here are some tips to remain professional at all times no matter where you work.