BEING PROFESSIONAL: A Dame's guide to always being a Professional

The first place people look to figure out what is trendy or in style is the TV. The shows on television depict a lot of different perspectives of individuals. The one depiction that is common both in shows and in reality, are the way professionals are viewed. For example, when you hear "professional women" the image of a well-groomed, well-mannered woman comes to mind. They would have a clean polished look, including a nice suit and a killer pair of heels. She would be confident and strong in her position and would act accordingly. But in reality every job has its own atmosphere and level of what is considered professional. What may seem acceptable in one company may not be in another. Regardless of the atmosphere, there basic rules to professionalism. Here are some tips to remain professional at all times no matter where you work.

You don't need to have a business suit and a pair of Lou Vuitton’s to look like a professional woman. Every industry and every office has their own unique atmosphere. You should always be clean and well-groomed while at work. Make sure your hair is properly fixed and if you do choose to wear makeup, ensure its appropriately done. Do not put too much on and never be afraid to put a little on to enhance your inner beauty. The outfits that you choose should be work appropriate. This means no midriffs and appropriate length skirts, just to name a few. Remember club wear doesn't work for the office no matter how much it covers. Also if you have a dress code, make sure to refer to it as well.

In certain industries using foul language is much more acceptable than others. In fact most people in high stress situations use inappropriate language more at work than in their everyday life. But this does not make it OK. As a woman in the workforce you want to remain as professional as possible. You never want to gain bad reputation of flying off the handle using inappropriate language when put in stressful situations. This may reflect poorly on you when it's time for a raise or possible advancement within your position. You also want to watch the tone in which you speak to your coworkers and customer. If you are frustrated try to leave the frustration out of your voice. Keep in mind you are dealing with other adults who are just working the same as you, trying to get their job accomplished.

Office Conduct:
Above all else, you must ensure that you are pleasant to others even when you don't want to be. Whether you were working with customers directly or simply dealing with coworkers on a daily basis, you want to conduct yourself appropriately for work. Keeping a level head and remaining kind to all of your coworkers is a crucial part in being seen as a professional. Always remember that you are at work, not out with friends. If you have issues at home, leave them at the door before entering the office. Keep talks of personal issues to a minimum as you do not want to distract yourself or others from work.

It's Serious:
Taking your work seriously is so important. Your job is your livelihood and they pay you to do your job. You need to do it to the best of your abilities. Even if your job is a fun happy place to work, never forget that it is just that, your job. Always make sure you are giving 100% to the task at hand. You may have others that are waiting on your to get your job completed so they can do theirs. Always arrive on time, follow office rules, and be courteous to those around you. Stay off your cell phone as well social media while on the clock and try to keep personal phone calls to a minimum.

Be positive:

In every situation there comes a time that work becomes frustrating. It's how you handle the frustration that will separate you from being professional to unprofessional. It is important to keep a positive mental attitude throughout the day. This will help keep your mind clear and think of positive and effective ways to solve negative situations that happen. Whether you think so or not, this will be seen by others and reflect positively on you and your work ethic. People feed off of both positive and negative energy. Make sure to be that positive light in your office and trust me, people take notice.

By: Megan Nikole


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