Escape Rooms: A Dames way to Family Fun Time

Have ever heard of Escape Games? I hadn't either until I recently I went out to LA to spend some time with my sister and my nephew. And first let me say that was wonderful. Not only to get away from work for a little while but to actually spend time with them. I am currently in Chicago and I don't have a lot of spare time to for my family out of state.

So of course she had the usual plan, eat, drink and eat some more. There is a lot to see in LA but aside from the beach and the food, a big city is just a big city to me. The hard part about going to visit anyone really, is that you want to spend as much time with them, but you don't want to be stuck in the house either.

So one night, she told me that we were going out for dinner and that she had a surprise for me afterwards. I figured it was a club or a lounge or something ultra chic, but I couldn't have been more wrong. The place that we ended up at, I would have never seen it coming. When she pulled up to the building I had no idea what was going on, but it looked pretty cool
There are these new interactive games called Escape rooms. The way you play the game is your group enters into a room, there are clues all around the room to solve the puzzles, and it is up to you and your team to solve it. Well it ended up being my sister, my nephew, his girl friend and myself. And let me tell you how much fun it was! The place she picked was called Escape Key Room located is West LA.

It was so much fun!! Talk about team work. I could totally see this being used as a team building exercise for an office or even for a sales group. But I digress. It was so much fun that I told her I wanted to go back and do the other Escape Room before I left.  

Not only was the place super unique, is really made us have fun together. It felt like I took the board game Clue, made it into a real place, and we were all in the middle of it playing. All of this got me thinking about what family time really is. We could have made food at home, come straight here and would have still had an amazing bonding experience. I wish there could be more Escape Room Keys around so that  more people could really enjoy it.  

Aside from the awesome time I had doing the Escape Room, just being able to see my family was amazing. We did a lot of fun things while I was out here, but the one that most definitely  stuck out for sure, was the new experience and fun I got to share with them.  

To learn more about escape games, check out how easy it is to play: Escape Key Room

By: Megan Nikole
Just a dame in the life


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