EMPOWERMENT: What it Means to a Dame

Dame in the life Megan Nikole
 When you hear the word empowerment you may think of somebody who can take on the world without hesitation. This word should give us that feeling. Feeling empowered is something that no one is able to take from you. However sometimes being a woman in the workplace or even at times in your relationships, this word may not be something you consider yourself. What is important to always remember that we as women, as individuals, can only empower ourselves. A woman will never truly be empowered because of anything given to her; it's something that's earned from hard work and dedication in all matters of life. Here are my five characteristics that every woman should have to becoming empowered.


Dame in the life Megan NikoleTo be both mentally and emotionally strong is a lot easier said than done. However, it is vital to becoming mentally empowered. We are always going have rough days, and need that mental support from friends and family, but it is up to us to remain strong even though it may get cloudy ever now and again. Unfortunately, a lot of times when a woman is considered a strong woman she's also labeled a bitch, rude or not compassionate. As we women know, there is a big difference. Being strong means being able to take on any situation and appropriately handling it without compromising our values, beliefs, or yourself.


Dame in the life Megan NikoleSophistication is one thing that separates women from girls. First impressions are very important and the first thing that anybody will be able to see is how you carry yourself. The way a woman walks and is confident in herself shows the certain level of sophistication which will help her achieve all of her goals. Having this sophistication about you means you need to always keep your head up no matter what situation is thrown at you and conduct yourself like a true dame at all times.


Dame in the life Megan NikoleThe most powerful thing is education. You don't have to have a master’s degree to consider yourself educated. It's as simple as knowing what's going on around you and keeping up with all information you can. Take for example the job you have, you may not need a degree to perform your duties, but take the time mastered that job. When it comes to personal, listen to the news read all of the things are available to you. You're never too old to learn and you're never too cool to read or help yourself. When you're educated nothing can stop you do anything. You will truly be empowered.

 Self Sufficient

This is probably one of the most important points out of my five. Being a self-sufficient woman is vital to being empowered. When you do not have to rely on anybody (man, family or otherwise) to support you, it gives you all of the freedom in the world to empower yourself. You’ll be able to make decisions for the betterment of yourself and solely made by you. Don't ever rely on anyone to financially support you. Even if you're married, in a relationship or you're simply stay at home mom make sure that you are not relying on anybody to pay your bills or if you don't have money of your own. Having your own financial stability, having your own credit to fall back on is something that nobody can take away from you. It will empower you to make any and every decision you for the betterment of yourself.

In Control

You can't be in control of every situation without driving yourself crazy.  However, it is important to be in control of your life and make decisions that will help you move forward. Being in control of your life means that you know when and when not to delegate responsibilities. Whether it is work or your personal life, you cannot control everything, but you can manage it. And there is a big difference. An educated, sophisticated, empowered woman knows the difference and will take control to a whole new beneficial level for her and those around her. When somebody is a control freak it often becomes detrimental to her work life and her family. Simply manage situations appropriately and your empowerment will show through to all those around you.

By: Megan Nikole
Just a Dame in the Life

Dame in the life Megan Nikole


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