POSITIVE ATTITUDE: It's importance in the work place

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Having a positive mental attitude is more important in the workplace than most people think. When you exude positivity it will translate throughout the office. Have you ever been in a situation when somebody comes into work upset or angry and it seems to just to suck the air right out of the room? You never want to be that person. It puts everyone on edge and can be a real drain to office morale. Here are five tips on how to keep a positive attitude for the benefit of yourself and those around you while at work.

Leave drama at the door
Dame in the LifeNo matter how hard we all try, situations happen in our personal lives that simply put us in a bad mood. There's nothing we can do to help it but just because were in a bad mood doesn't mean we get to avoid going into work. However, it is vital that you leave the drama and negativity at the door. It is one thing to vent to your co-workers about what is going on, but it is certainly another to spread negativity around. Although easier said than done, try keeping your emotions regarding any negative situation to yourself as much as possible.

Realize the effect on co-workers
Dame in the LifeOne of the worst things that somebody can do is go off on a tangent using foul language about a personal or work situation and not take into consideration their co-workers. Not everybody takes these reactions well. It is never appropriate to scream or swear in the work place. Ever. We are all put into stressful or unpleasant situations at one time or another. When a reaction like this occurs, your co-workers may be put on edge and become in bad moods themselves based off of your overall emotional output. Simply take everyone around you into consideration and handle all situations appropriately.

Lead by example
If you saw your manager walking into the door screaming and carrying, one would assume that is the atmosphere of the office and that it would be OK for them to do the same. But this could not be further from the truth. You want to always lead by example regardless of what position you're in. When you come have a positive and pleasant attitude others will quickly follow suit and make an overall enjoyable atmosphere for all. Always leave by example from work ethic to having a positive mental attitude. It will most certainly rub off on others.

Simply smile
Dame in the LifeAs silly as this may sound simply putting a smile on your face can really improve your positivity and the positivity of those you interact with. It is said even when you're on the phone, put a smile on your face when speaking to customers. It is true they are able to hear it through the phone. You never want to be frowning all day or give dirty looks at work. People take notice and will respond accordingly. Make sure to express a positive happy attitude while at work and frankly in all matters in life. It understood at times smiling just isn’t an option but give it a try to help keep the negativity at bay. 

 If you take a heated phone call, step outside 
Dame in the Life
One of the things that can take somebody's attitude from 0 to 60 is taking a heated phone call with an irate customer. More importantly than keeping your cool while on the phone with the customer is to keep your cool after the phone is hung up. If you were to go on a rant about how horrible that experience was, it could easily affect those around you. If you need to take a second to walk outside and calm down or simply vents outside of the office to a coworker about the experience, make sure to do so. It will help you cool down and get you back in the right frame of mind to be the positive employee you're meant to be.

By: Megan Nikoke
Just a Dame in the Life 
Dame in the Life


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