HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS:Tips for Dames to keep their relationships amazing

Dame in the life Megan Nikole Being in love is one of the best feelings in the world. With Valentine's Day right around the corner now would be a terrific time to take a look at your relationship and find ways to make it even better than it already is. We all know that relationships always start out amazingly wonderful and let's face it, it is this new and exciting time that makes us fall in love with our part enters. But sometimes that initial puppy love stage fizzles out. This is the worst thing that could happen to anybody's relationship and it’s important that you keep the love and compassion very much in the forefront at all times. To help do that, here are some key rules that every couple should follow to make their relationship wonderful.


Dame in the Life Megan NikoleThe first and most important rule to succeeding in any relationship is communication. When you're in a healthy relationship you should be able to talk to your partner about any and everything. They should be your best friend on all matters and it is crucial to keep the lines of communication open. You should be able to talk about what happened at work or an idea you have for a new project that you want to start. It's important to share all of this with your significant other. Healthy debates are not a bad thing, so don't hold anything in just to try and avoid arguments. Say what's on your mind before it becomes a potential problem. As long as the lines of communication are kept open everything else will positively fall to place.


Dame In the Life Megan NikoleUnfortunately I have come across many couples that don't seem to respect each other. The issue that I find most destructive is when people don't hesitate to use foul language aimed directly at each other. While in the middle of an argument they will call them everything but their name. It becomes a problem when people think it's OK to refer to their partners as a negative word. This is something that should never ever be tolerated, even if you feel that in is in a joking manner. A level of respect needs to be shown equally at all times. Make it a point to avoid using curse words directed at each other. There is absolutely no benefit in doing so and shows a large level of disrespect. Also, as we have heard said many times before, don't do anything that you would not want done to you.

The little things

Dame in the life Megan NikoleWhat girl doesn't like that beautiful bouquet of flowers sent to her for Valentine's Day? Gestures like this are always appreciated, but understand it’s the little things that are done on a daily basis that truly show somebody they are loved. It’s the extra kiss in the morning before heading off to work, or putting a note in his or her lunch bag to bring a smile to their face in the middle of the day. Never take for granted the person that you have next to you and make sure that they know how you feel about them at all times. Just because you may have been together for a significant length of time, it doesn't mean you can stop doing things that make them happy.

Have Fun

Dame in the Life Megan NikoleDon't ever become that grumpy old lady that never wants to do anything with her husband. You have to remember that having fun with the person that you're in love with is so important. When your become an adult it is easy to find yourself slipping into a routine. Wake up, go to work, cook, clean, go to bed and then do it all over again. Don’t forget what it's like to have fun with one another. By doing adventurous and new things it will bring you closer together and make the relationship that much more special. Try stepping outside of your boundaries, try new things, and enjoy exploring the world together.

Time Spent

Dame in the life Megan NikoleIf you stop and think about spending time with somebody, it truly means a genuine interest and interaction is taking place. Make sure the time spent together is engaging and stimulating conversation. Talk about things of interest for the two of you, plan to cook together, or simply sit on the couch watch a movie together. Whatever it is make sure that time together is interactive and mutually engaging. You don't want to ever feel as if you have become someone's roommate. Make it a point that when you spend the time with your boyfriend or girlfriend it is stimulating.

By: Megan Nikole
Just a Dame in the life


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