Valentine's Day: Do it like a DAME!

Dame in the life Megan Nikole

 Ready for Valentine’s Day? Well Dames it’s right around the corner.  Depending on who you ask, you will find so many different outlooks on Valentine’s Day. Some say it is just a Hallmark holiday, while others take it so seriously that they are willing to fight with their significant others if the day doesn't go exactly as they have it planned in their heads. What everyone should realize is that there are different ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Whether you are in a relationship, single or just not feeling Valentine’s Day this year there is always a way to enjoy the day and make the most out of any situation. Here are five different ways that will help you make your Valentine’s Day great!

Night on the Town

Dame in the Life Megan NikoleEvery girls’ inner Dame loves a night on the town. It gives you a chance to get all dressed up and be out with you better half. The tricky part may be the planning exactly what the two of you want to do. As I always say communication comes first. Talk to each other about how much (if the finances are shared) is ok to be spent of the evening, or weekend. Whether it is just out for drinks, or a romantic dinner, make sure to do your research for somewhere that fits into your style and budget. Because it is a special occasion, try something new. Maybe a restaurant that you have never eaten at or explore part of the city you have never been to. 

Night out

Dame in the life Megan NikoleThis particular kind of night is just something to do to get out of the house. It’s nothing fancy or over-the-top. Maybe dinner and a movie, bowling, or heading out to the local bar. This type of atmosphere is great for couples who may not have the money to spend (or simply don’t want) for a big night out. The best part about this kind of night is that it's relaxing, comfortable and most of all you can just enjoy time with each other. 

Night In

Dame in the life Megan NikoleA favorite alternative to actually leaving the house is just to stay in. This can be anything from ordering your favorite takeout to planning a DIY night and giving them something sweet and romantic. You could decorate the bedroom, get something sexy to put on, or just snuggle up on the couch with each other in your pajamas and rent that movie you guys have been waiting to see. **TIP** Come up with some special Valentine’s Day cocktails to bring an extra bit of relaxation to the evening and enjoy being close to one that you love.

Night with the Girls

Dame in the life Megan NikoleNow, for all those girls who say they hate Valentine’s Day let's remember that it's just about being around people who love you and that you love in return. Most of us have girlfriends that we couldn't live without and if all of you are single (or just a few) make it a night just for the girls. Whether you go out on the town or just hang out for dinner, being around people that mean something to you is what Valentine’s Day is truly about. Don't get discouraged about being single, don't sit and reflect negatively on past relationships. Take the opportunity to look to the friends that you have in front of you and plan on starting a great year that you can create for yourself.

Night relaxing

Dame in the life Megan NikoleBecause Valentine’s Day is such a busy holiday sometimes you may just want to take day for yourself and trust me, Dames there's nothing wrong with that. If this year you're just not feeling the Valentine’s Day bug than plan a day for yourself. Schedule a mani and pedi or get a massage. For the evening, curl up at home with your favorite food ice cream and catch up on all of the Scandal episodes that you've missed. It's ok to just be alone and relax. So many people have negative connotations of being alone on Valentine’s Day, but as long you love yourself, there's nothing to worry about.

By; Megan Nikole
Just a Dame in the life


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