VOTING: Times are Changing

 It is fair to say that this years' primary election has brought something to the table that we have never seen before. Politics have become headline news bigger than last election and people are now seemingly paying more attention to what is taking place in our political arena. About a year ago I did an article on voting and highlighted the reasons on why people in Chicago and younger generations just don't care to vote anymore... My my how things can change in a years’ time. Now it's time to focus on the Presidential Primary, which is currently seeing some of the highest voter turnout than has been seen in decades. With Super Tuesdays and Super Saturday having stellar numbers, voter turnout has been huge across the country.  So let's take a look and see why this is happening.

People are tired of what is happening:

I feel it is safe to say that regardless if you're Republican or Democrat the American people are fed up with the way the White House has been running the nation. We are in more debt than ever before, we still have thousands of troops scattered throughout the world without any improvement or regional stability, and millions of American people are struggling financially. President Obama made his platform about change, but the only change that has been made is that we are now locked into poor health care and an unchanging housing market. When people are fed up they are motivated to take action. With the primary elections, people are voting more because they feel they can help make a change. President Obama promised changed, but in this case change wasn't good. From Reagan through Bush all the way up until the end of Clinton's presidency the American economy very strong. Everybody seemed to have what they needed, education was never hindered, and the housing market was strong across the board. Now we have more people who used to work full-time jobs only able to get part-time jobs and millions of dollars going to subsidies for people who choose to live off the government. There does need to be a change made, but a change for a stronger healthier America.

A celebrity feel:

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are household names. They have been poplar and in the media for years. We feel like we know who they are and are able to connect with them. It’s because of this people feel more compelled to pay attention to the candidates this time around. It also brings some type of celebrity status to the presidential primaries. Something is happening in the election like has never happened before both good and bad. There have been more people tuned in for the debates and more social media coverage than ever before. If you haven't been able to watch any of the debates this year they are almost as entertaining as any juicy talk show. Now, whether that is good or bad, the fact of the matter is, it’s bringing in more viewers and voters to the primaries. It has been getting younger people involved and even those who had overlooked politics all together. People want to see the next outrageous statement Trump makes, or the newly found scandal that has been dug up on Hillary. This involvement shows people remember that they too have a voice and it's heard in the primaries. They want to be part of something that is currently popular.

Our Generation

My generation is now working owning homes and having families. We now more than ever are interested in our futures. We understand that it's the person sitting in the White House that is going to be in charge of our countries future. We are the generation with more student debt than any, with many of us still living with our parents due to lack of true financial stability to own our own homes. We want and need things to change for the better and we are more interested than ever before to help make that happen. By us going out and voting it make us feel like we are doing what we can to help make that difference happen. I also find that as we get older the more interested in politics we become and have an interest to jump on board. With everyone, Republican and Democrat alike wanting a better America, we all want to be a part of helping to make that change and voting is one way that we can help. 

By; Megan Nikole
Just a dame in the Life


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