RACING MIND: How to turn your racing mind into great work

I know at times my mind will absolutely not turn off. I have thoughts racing through my head about what the next blog should be or even the next book I should start writing. Sometimes I find it’s difficult to keep all of these ideas in my head. When you're a writer, or simply have a creative mind, it seems it's very hard to shut off your thoughts sometimes. I know from personal experience, I always have thoughts that crossed my mind and sometimes not in the most opportune moments. Here's a few tips on how to capture your racing mind and turn it into awesome topics to write about, add to your collection of book ideas, or just save for future use.

Write it down:

Of course the first and most obvious top is when you get an idea simply jot it down. If it happens to me I can guarantee this happens to you. I have a great idea for a blog or possibly an article that I want to write thinking of it while I'm in bed or maybe in the shower and I don't write it down immediately when I think about it. Always tell myself that not to worry I'll remember it later, but I never do. Whether you use a notes app in your phone, or carry around a notebook, make sure to stop what you're doing and write it down. Don't just write down a caption either. Make sure to elaborate enough so you don't lose the idea completely. When you have a chance simply refer back to it and expand as much as needed to utilize it to your benefit.
No thought it idea is bad:

Sometimes I have a thought that will cross my mind and think that there's no way I'm ever going to use it. Then I find myself writing a scene for a book or needing ideas for a blog topic and wish I would've written it down because it would have come in handy. No idea as a bad idea. If you have it save it. Write it down make sure that you're able to reference it when and if I ever need it. Don’t forget people read your work because of your ideas, no matter how silly you may thing they are.

Place it in the right category:

A lot of times when I come up with ideas they tend to fall within categories of my interests. When you do have an idea make sure to put it in the right category. I personally use Evernote, and use it all the time. This has been a lifesaver for me in helping me keep all my ideals in one place as well keeping them organized. I organize them by category. I have a category for blogs, book ideas, fitness, working, writing and otherwise. It makes is so much easier when you need to retrieve the information because you know exactly where to go to find it.

Focus on it:

If you come up with one great idea, focus on it, targeting your thoughts into something great.  You could be in the middle of writing a book, and come up with an awesome idea for another book. If all your thoughts are on your new book idea, stick with it. Focus on what is currently driving your passion and intensity. It will show through your writing. Don't force yourself to finish something while you're consistently thinking about starting something else. What a survey was taken 60% of people write 1 to 3 books at a time. So don't think you're alone on this one.

By: Megan Nikole
Just a Dame in the Life


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