UNDERSTANDING BEAUTY: What beauty should mean to a Dame

What is beauty to a dame or to anyone for that matter? I feel that women's thoughts on beauty may be different from the way other people see it, and from the way men see us. The imagines we are bombarded with everyday are that of women with long flowing hair down to their butts and waist lines that could rival a child’s. We want to make sure our make-up looks like the girls on TV, and essentially to be flawless.  Now the amount of make-up worn was not considered or the amount of time spent airbrushing or lighting put into the picture, all we see if the final result and want to look like that.  But this is real life, and it is so important to realize there is so much more to being beautiful.


Our make-up:
For a lot of women hair and make-up is crucial part of looking well put together, and truth be told it is. You always want to take pride in your appearance. Whether are you are a girly girl or not, hair and make-up seems to always fall into a part of our daily routine. When asked, only 14% of women said that they feel it necessary wear make-up in order to feel pretty. Personally, I love make-up. I think you can truly enhance someone's natural beauty when applied correctly. And that is exactly what it's made for. Unfortunately, it's when people use it to cover themselves up or hide behind it can get to be a little much. If you cannot be seen in public without any make-up on, your idea of beauty may be slightly skewed.

Our Locks:
When it comes to hair, women are extremely sensitive. In the black community hair can sometimes take on a life of its own. The challenge deciding whether you want to have your relaxed hair and or natural tops the list. Natural hair is a wonderful thing to have, however it is extremely time-consuming to maintain. But it could be gorgeous either way and I feel that now wearing natural hair is more acceptable than ever before. Just be sure however and whatever you do to your hair, do it for yourself and do what makes yourself happy. In a survey, 75% of women said that having long hair made them feel more feminine, however 90% agreed that having short does not make a women less feminine. Actresses such as Halle Berry have their signature short haircuts and let's be honest, she looks better in her short hair than her long. The length of your hair does not define your beauty. Do what fits you!


Most women say they have this, and let's hope they truly do. Confident woman, regardless of what her outward appearance is, can be one of the most beautiful people you may know. The way a woman carries herself will absolutely set her apart from the rest. Now I'm not referring to the woman who thinks that they are “bad bitches” or have their “outfits game on point”. I’m speaking of the true confident woman who knows that they can handle any and everything thrown their way with confidence, maturity, and poise

You all know that one girl who is drop dead gorgeous, but as soon as she opens her mouth she couldn't be uglier. Being a kind and good person can add to anybody's beauty. Remaining humble and caring make every woman beautiful on the inside and that traits shines outward. Staying true to yourself and not letting others get to you is quite a challenge at times, but it makes you a remarkably strong and beautiful person.

Notice how this category falls under the inside. When I say health is a part of beauty I'm not talking about having a 28 inch waist and a butt like Kim K. I'm talking about truly being healthy from the inside out. Take the time to eat right and get in some daily exercise however intensive it maybe be. This helps keep your mind and body as one. You want to have good mental and physical health so you can laugh and love as long as possible.

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By: Megan Nikole
Just a dame in the life


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