I'M ENTITLED: Millennials

Maybe this is something that every generation says as they grow older, however I think I just missed the cut off of the youth who is greatly unprepared for what life is in America in the year 2016. And please believe, I am not saying anything negative about this amazing country of ours, as it is truly the greatest country on earth. But what I am saying is that it takes hard work, the drive and will to do better. That is the only way one can survive in today's day in age, and this is what is seemingly lacking in our younger generations. From Facetime to Snapchat these kids may not be as prepared for the real world as their 2.3K followers on Instagram say they are…

The Handouts:
The assume their starting hourly pay should be no less than $20+ an hour because they went to college... I hear this a lot and although the cost of living always increases (i.e. since I've graduated) newbies in any job market have to work their way up to a larger salary. Time, experience, trust between employee and employer needs to be established, and most importantly skill. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge that is gained over time when working in any field. It is this knowledge that makes someone "worth" the salary. And this doesn’t just happen because you graduated. People of my generation have had to work their asses off to get that type of hourly wage, and the same needs to go for everyone else. 

Lack of Personal Skills:
We can't go as far to say millennials aren't social. In fact, we can almost say they are so wrapped up into being "social" that they fail to live in the moment and actually socialize. This very thing makes them socially awkward in personal settings. They have become so attached to their phones, when they actually have to speak to someone in person, it may seem almost unnatural. Or you notice they can’t conduct a full conversation without looking at their phone a couple of times. Instead of just finding a smiley face to express themselves they actually have to use people skills. This provides an entirely different set of interpersonal relationships that these kids are missing out on and are crucial for the work place. 

Difficulty Coping:
By NO means is bullying ok, right or should be tolerated. But let's face it. We all lived through it in some form or fashion. Take the movie Dazed and Confused when they depicted the freshman getting hazed. Again, let me say, this is by no means right, however we all know that movie wasn't entirely fiction. The difference is that we dealt with it, handled it, and come up with our own solutions to the problem. Just like we have to do in everyday life as adults. It helped shape us into stronger individuals and the people we are today. The youth today now has the luxury to take a "refresh day" when school gets too hard. Well do they realize that it is life. Shit gets hard and it gets hard often. By going through life without being coddled, we were able to figure out how to deal with it and ultimately overcome it to live the best lives we possibly can!


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