SUCCESS: What does it mean to you?

Megan Nikole
The word successful is defined as:
accomplishing an aim or purpose [having achieved popularity, profit or distinction]
So now I ask you the question, what does having a successful career mean to you? I personally know to be a successful blogger, I need to consistently provide well written, engaging articles for people to read. From a blogging standpoint, I would measure my success by the overall number of visitors to my site, as well as the number of comments that are left. But that's just one very specific area to measure success. It truly is measurable by data. If you ask around you might hear the more money you make the more successful you are, or possibly if you're happy at your job that makes you a successful person. In fact, all these answers may be true. But there's a much bigger picture to look at. Because we as people are dynamic, so are our goals and out looks of things such as this. Let's take a look at some of the main indicators for success and see how successful you see yourself. 

Megan NikoleShow me the money! Money does not buy happiness. Money is the root of all evil. Money makes the world go round. With so many thoughts and sayings revolving around money, it would be natural for us to think the more of it we have equals the more successful we are. Let’s not underestimate the vital role money has in everyone's life. We need it. It is as simple as that. The more that we have, the more luxurious and extravagant things we can have for ourselves. To ask most people if we were to think a business man like Donald Trump was successful, the answer would be yes. He owns his own businesses and has more money than he knows what to do with, and due to all of this, he just so happens to be The Republican presidential nominee for 2016. But just because a person has a large bank account doesn't always mean they're successful. Think about this, they can work so many hours that they never have time to enjoy their money. Their jobs could be so stressful that they go to extreme measures to escape from it all i.e. drinking or drugs. The best example I can think of is looking at the character from the Wolf of Wall Street. This man made so much money, yet destroyed his life while making it.

Megan NikoleYou can have a job and be the happiest person in the world. You could smile every single day going to work and absolutely loving your position. However, you can't even make enough money to support yourself. Here comes that question of success. If your job only gives you one extreme but leaves you hanging in another, at that point, success has not been achieved. There is the argument that just because you like your job, doesn't mean it makes you feel accomplished. I know a young lady who works at a Sephora, a high end make-up retailer, who is happy with her job, but feels like she can do more with her life. So as important has happiness is in this equation of success, it can't realistically just be ruled by it. 

Feeling Accomplished:
Megan NikoleDoctors, lawyers, teachers... The list can go on and on as to what our social norms deem is a "good" or "successful" job. But let's take a look at the doctor, who helps people every day, who makes enough money to live comfortably, but who isn't happy because they don't have any time for themselves or their families. Or the teacher, who doesn't feel like she is making a difference in children's lives anymore. We may say no matter what that teacher thinks, she should feel accomplished that she is shaping the lives of the youth. However, the feeling of personal accomplishment is just as much a part of being successful. Just because it is a career that should make us feel a certain way, doesn't always mean that is is going to. It all comes down to you and how you perceive things. 

So successes isn't just one thing. It is a variety of things that gives us our big picture of what makes us happy and content. No one can tell you what success is to you. It is something that can't be measured by anyone but yourself. Take a deep look at what you do every day and then decided on if you feel successful. If you don't, now you have a better idea of the proper steps to make changes for the better! 

By: Megan Nikole 
Just a Dame in the life


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