BLACK FRIDAY : CYBER MONDAY: Will it ever change?

I know and fully understand that we are always looking for good deals, but at what point do we as society say enough is enough. When is the true meaning of the holidays going to actually mean something more than money savings? The elaborate ends that retailers have been going through for years are simply getting out of control. Every year it is slowly eating up more precious time that we have with our families. They are creeping onto what had been that special time of year to enjoy and give thanks for those you love. Now instead of relaxing people are planning on how soon they can get to the stores or be the first in line to get a deal, that honestly, isn't much better than any other time of year. We have been programmed to covet material things to such an extent that we will endure these crazy frenzies, on top of looking sight of what is really important in our lives. Don't you think this is something we should be looking at? Well I do...

Cutting time short:
Do you remember when people would camp out in lines in front of stores like Best Buy or Walmart to get that early bird deal on Black Friday? But the best part was, it was actually ON Friday. Stores wouldn't open until 4a.m on Friday. Yes it sucked for the retail workers but they were still able to spend time with their families on the holidays. Now, stores are opening ON Thanksgiving day, leaving no one any time to actually spend it with loved ones. People are being forced to work, and in turn, consumers aren't staying home either. The store hours staring on Black Friday all the way until Christmas are extended so drastically that people can literally shop until midnight. Now, don't get me wrong, I love shopping, but where is the time to spend with friends and family for this time of year? There simply isn't any. Everyone is so concerned about catching that best sale; they lose sight of why they are getting the gifts in the first place.

Focusing on the Material:
Why do we give gifts for the holidays? To show people how much we love them... Right? Well in theory yes, but this is something we should be doing all year round. Christmas is so much more than material things. We cannot lose sight of what this time of year is really all about, and let me tell you, it should never by about a departments stores bottom line. They create this mass shopping frenzy to make up for all the under marginal sales through the year by marketing this made up day of huge sales. Do you know they are making up for the year? Because we as a country have become more economically responsible after surviving our great recession. We need to remember what the holidays are all about.

Losing sight of the Importance:
Every year people say that we as a country haven't  forgotten about the meaning of the Holidays, however every year the time we spend with our families are being cut short and replaced with gifts. No matter what religion you are, this is a time where giving and love should be at its highest. When people say Christmas is in the air, they are referring to the feeling of love and caring, not shopping and deals to be found at the mall. We all need to remind ourselves and our children that this time of year is NOT about what get or save on, but about spending quality time with the people we love, regardless is is friends or family. Giving is another big thing. We should all try and give something to less fortunate. Charlie Brown and a Christmas Carol had it right from the start.

We need to take this special time of year back from ourselves and away from the big department stores. Yes, I realize that this time of year helps stimulate the economy, but some people will be paying off their credit cards for months to come. Let's refocus on this special time of year, and bring it back to what is important. Being a good person, spending time with loved ones, and making the best out of this holiday season.


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