You got the promotion, you have the raise, now its time to show them they've made the right choice. Getting promoted is a good and wonderful thing, especially if it is something that you've been working on for some time. Usually promotions are given when you have given your all to your position and have achieved recognition for it. Sometimes it is given because someone else quiets or moves on, but whatever the reason, you need to let everyone know that the right choice was made. This may be easier said than done, but as we say for many situations in life, fake it until you make it. Even though you may be totally overwhelmed,  and you may not know it all,  never let them see you sweat. Here are some tips on how to handle your new positions like a dame!

You've put the work in, but now it's time to keep going:

Yes, you finally received a new position. What you been working for for sometime I can imagine. Unless you've become the CEO of the company, it's now time to start setting your sights even higher. This doesn't mean to step on anybody's toes are to try to get anybody pushed out of their current position, however this does mean that you need to have the mindset to continue to grow. Never be content with the position that you're currently in. Just never forget that it will take time to conquer your new role just as it did in the position prior.

Handle it like a Dame:

The most important tip to follow is if you got a more powerful position don't treat others like shit once you've gotten there. One of the things that we often find with women is that when another woman becomes more successful, it's hard to give them that acknowledgement and ultimately respect they deserve. If you are used to someone being your counterpart and then  need to become their supervisor don't be afraid to do just that. You don't have to go around announcing your new position every time you want someone to listen to you. Gain their respect and establish boundaries. Don't go for being the raging bitch who no one wants to listen too either. That will never end well. However if you do find you have a specific group of people getting out of line, try to pulling them aside and address it. Only then take further action if it continues.

Learn it and Love it:

You may have been the best in whatever your previous position was. However you are now in a new
position. And it is safe to say that you don't know all of the ins and outs of your new job. The first thing on your agenda should be to learn your new position and everything about it. Make it a point to read through old notes, to learn whatever software is necessary, get to know any contacts that may need to be part of your daily position and truly take it on as a homework type mentality. Go above and beyond to learn what you now need to know.

Ask questions:

This tip falls somewhat under the point of learning the new job. However takes it one step further. A lot of times we are afraid to ask questions of our superiors in fear that we might look like we don't know what we're doing. But I know, from every manager or supervisor I've interviewed would much rather questions be asked before the mistake is made instead of trying to clean up the mess later. No matter how you feel about asking questions may make you look, it's not as bad as making a major error and having to explain yourself later. Stopping and asking questions will show that you take your job seriously. So ask away.

Written By:
Megan Nikole


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