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 I just quit my job... Well not just, but last week, but I did it. So here I am, 33 years old with bills and adult responsibilities and I am going to follow my passions. I am going to start my own business. "Hmmm what am I going to do?" you may ask. Well that is a great question. Trust me, I have been asking that myself for the last 48 hours. When someone has such a huge life change, that last thing that anyone would expect is for them to share it with the world. Well wait... It is 2017, people pretty much share EVERYTHING on-line, so maybe I'm not too far off. But I want to do more than just put all my personal business out there. I want to take people through my experiences, my ups and downs of truly trying to become a professional blogger and fiction author. Like so many of us in today day in age, we simply work because we have to survive. We work to live.

Megan NikoleI just can't work in corporate America anymore. If I had to sit at that desk one second longer, I would have lost my mind. I was considering taking medication to help me stay focused at work. That is when I knew, I had to do what I loved. It hit me that I had so much creativity built up inside me. I knew the next desk I was going to be sitting at was my own.  It is so hard to give your all to a company that doesn't give its all to you. With the way the economy has changed, it is very difficult to find a place to work that will give you loyalty back. There once was a time that you could get a job right out of high school and be able to retire with that same company. That is almost unheard of now. I once heard this, and forgive me I don't remember who from, but they said:

     "It is not anyone else's job to make you rich. Only you have the ability to do that."

It is now time for me to give the 110% that I gave at every job I worked at to my own dreams and business plans.

My Plan:
So I’m here to say I do have a plan on what my next step is and that is what I am going to be documenting. Writing has been my passion since high school. I'm finally going to give all my efforts and throw 100% at it. With my years of experience, I have a lot of knowledge to share and a massive collection of great ideas to write about. I am also going to continue my passion for art and dive into that as well. My creativity is about to take off and I truly can’t wait. 

Join Me: 
Megan NikoleIt's now time for me to make my own financial way and I'm going to share my journey. I've been blogging since for going on three years and "Dame in the Life" couldn't be any more perfect. I will be making huge life changes while working on myself in all aspects. This is truly going to me, going through my daily life and making myself the best person I can be. I am going to hit the reset button on my life and make it everything I've always wanted it to be. So, follow me on this journey to learn with me, laugh with me and grow with me.

Megan Nikole

By: Megan Nikole
Just a Dame in the Life


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