Week one of me being my own boss is officially over. I woke this morning with a newfound energy for all my amazing ideas. This last week was not easy though. There were a couple days that I really had to ask myself if I made the right decision. And thanks to my amazing support system, I realized that I had. However, I feel like I haven't accomplished very much. I looked around and realized that I have not touched anything in my house. No laundry had been done and my dishes where piled in my sink. I also noticed that by the end of the week I was staying up later at night and sleeping in longer the morning. All of this had me concerned. So here's what I'm going to do to correct it and here's what you should do when trying to start your own business. Here are some tips to help stay focused, engaged, and productive in the beginning stages of working for yourself.

Working 9-to-5:
You have a job to do. It’s finally your turn to get up and do it. One of the best things you can do is to keep the same hours that you kept working a regular job. This will help keep you engaged safe focused. Wake up early, take a shower and get ready for the day. Also, don't forget to eat. I first couple days I went all day without eat anything until about 4:30pm, and by then I was absolutely starving. Take a mental break for lunches. We're working for ourselves and are going to be working more than we ever work for any business. But it is important to keep regular work hours and if you decide to work longer days (which will happen almost everyday) that's perfectly okay. Do not get in the habit of going to sleep at three in the morning and make sure you take time to nourish your mind and your body.

List up all your ideas:
There should always be a plan in pace when you venture off to start our own business, but your ideas will continue to flow. Make sure you list them all down, but also when you're going to act on those ideas. You can mark them in order of importance but don’t let those ideas go by the wayside. Realize that a couple of notes written on a piece of paper does not make it a business plan. Further action should be taken on the ideas instead of simply writing a list. With each idea written a suitable business “action” needs to accompany it. Even if you have a well-constructed 50 page business plan, nothing will happen if nothing is done with it. Keep your notes and dates on your schedule which I will be talked about in my next blog.

Social media:
Social media is your best friend. It is pure free marketing. And is very important to every business however, it is so important not to get sucked into social media all day thinking it's going to help promote your business. It most definitely will, but it needs to be conducted in the most effective time-saving way. One of the best tools that I’ve found are two apps: Buffer and Crossfire. Both apps allow you to preplan all your posts for the day. From time to time checking in to see what responses you're getting based on your posts is necessary, however once it’s scheduled you can forget about it. This will make it easy and beneficial while saving a lot of time throughout your day for social media.

Written By: Megan Nikole
Just a Dame in the life


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