Keto: When & How to Start

So you want to try Keto? You may be asking yourself when is the best time to start, or better yet, how do you get started once you decide this is something you want to do. Let’s take a look at the answers to these questions to help you get started on Keto.

 When is the best time to start the ketogenic diet?  You should only start this difficult diet when you “krave” a change in your life and your body. This is not an easy diet. In fact, it’s one of the stricter diets to follow. With keto, you can’t have a cheat day. This could kick your body out of ketosis and put your body back to burning sugars. With that being said, you really need to look within yourself and want to change your body. And not just your body but your overall health. This diet, country to popular belief, serves many valuable health benefits. The bottom line is to get started as soon as you feel the Krave.

 Now that you have the krave and you need to know how to get started on this diet. There’re couple different methods and recommendations on how to get started. Some people say you should just start cold turkey by immediately eliminating your carbs and sugars and others suggest taking a more subtle approach by slowly removing carbs and sugars for your diets over a month or two somewhat prepping the body for the full ketogenic protocol. I personally, quit carbs and sugars cold turkey. This could lead to the Keto Flu, but there are ways around that as well.

Here are the first four steps you should take when getting started. This is of course after you finished all the research that you can. I will continue to stress this throughout my videos and articles. You must do your own research both here on and elsewhere. I am not a doctor; these are just the steps I’ve taken.  

Your Kitchen:
 Your kitchen is the first place that you should start. Because let’s face it, your kitchen is what holds the key be successful on this diet. This is also the easiest place to start. Go through your cupboards and your refrigerator and simply remove all the processed foods, carbohydrates, and sugars that you have. Before you throw everything away, consider giving it to a coworker or family or even donating some of the food to a local church or charity. Now I understand if not everybody is on board with this dramatic lifestyle change. In this case, I would recommend putting all of those sugary and processed foods in one location within your cabinets and try to avoid those. I also recommend the same thing for your refrigerator.

Get a food list:
In doing some research, like I’m know you have, I’m sure you know some foods that are great for you and others that or not. But I would still recommend finding the food list, at first. You can find one right here on when you subscribe. By entering your email and subscribing, you will receive a free food list. Since you just essentially eliminated all the food you can no longer eat, this will help you get on track replacing them with foods you can. There are tons of recipes and other guides to help you through the first couple weeks, as well as full meal plans that people have available online. The first week is not going to be easy, however if you have the right foods in place it will make it that much easier for you.

Get those Fats:
This ties right in with the food list. However, you must make sure to go out and buy your fat. It is imperative that you have these facts to incorporate into your diet. This is what makes the ketogenic diet stand out from other low-carb diet. When your intake of fats is upwards at 75% of your diet, this is going to be one of the most import foods to start eating. It may seem overwhelming to eat so much fat, but not to worry. I will have a video and article on how to do just that! For now, just ensure that you get all the good healthy fats you can.

These are the easiest most basic way to get started on this amazing life change. Keep coming back to to get all your Keto information and make sure to leave a comment on how you have, or plan on getting started!


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