SCHEDULING: Plan your business moves

Whether you are a writer or a photographer, keeping a schedule is imperative when starting your own business. If you are not getting up and going to an office it can be hard to focus on what needs to be done, unless you have a schedule of your deadlines. Here are a few things that will help.

Get a designated work space:
This may seem obvious, but here’s how it’s going to help you and your scheduling. When you have a designated area to work, you can work well without discretions. I will always make the connection to working in an office. You have a space to sit and do your job. The beauty of working for yourself is that you don’t have to be tied to a desk, however you should have your own space, and regardless of what kind of business you are doing, you need to focus on your work and your deadlines. This is much easier to do with no distractions.

Schedule a week out if not longer:
I love scheduling. I've always done it and find it to be very helpful. Scheduling is going to be your absolute best friends when first starting out. You need to help hold yourself accountable for the actions that you want to take. Regardless of what kind of calendar your prefer, write down what needs to be done on what day and at what time. Because I am blogging and writing, I can pre-post my blogs to go live and schedule them out for the month. Schedule down to the minute if you must, but make sure you adhere to schedule that you put in place for yourself, just like you have to do in an office setting.

Use a day planner:
I am totally old school and love a pen and paper. I have a journal and a day planner that I use every single day to map out what my plans are. Here is why this is crucial to developing your business. Because you need to get things done! Starting a business is time consuming and can be very complicated. Depending on what kind of business, there can be a lot of moving parts to get going. When you schedule your tasks out, and stick to them it is just one step to getting closer to your business taking off. Things will always come up that may throw your schedule off, but follow it as much as possible. You should look at your planner daily and add and subtract as necessary. Find a system that works for you, whether it be your mobile device, an actual day planner or even a simple desk calendar. As long as you plan, revisit and utilize it, this step will help you get your business ideas off the ground.  

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