Why Week One on KETO: Why it is so important

Have you ever been at that place in your life where it was just the “I’ll start my diet on Monday” plan? Where nothing was ever taken seriously and if you started a diet and failed, you would just eat everything you wanted until, of course, the following Monday?! Well in the amazing land of Keto, the “waiting to start on Monday” mentality must go out of the window and here’s why. Once you start incorporating healthy fats in your diet and then slip and have an entire day of carbs, NOTHING is going to happen to you except for continual weight gain. So, I know what needs to happen to be successful… Now I get to do it.

I’m Nervous:
I think this is a normal feeling when anyone is taking on a new lifestyle even if you’ve made the change before. It is the “change” that is the scary part. I am very use to eating what I want, and to be honest, I’m pretty sure I relay on food for emotional support. It’s nothing crazy, but when I’m happy I eat, when I’ve had a rough day, I treat myself with an awesome meal, and if I’m sad, then I will eat a pint of ice-cream in one sitting… After a full meal! So, this is something that I need to replace with a healthy habit. My goal is to do that with practicing yoga every day. I’m also nervous for letting myself down. It is hard to write, but it’s true.

My Week One:
Now I’ve been through this before. This will be my second time around so I know what pit falls to avoid. I will be touching on this later, however, I know I need to meal prep the shit out of my food!! That is the only way for me to get started with this. I put all of my meals into Lose It (or my Fitness Pal) and then go from there. It is the easiest way to survive week one without temptation. I also make it a point to not go out. Now this is for my own good. I am addicted to food and sugar, so for this first week, I know I have to stay away from it and give my body time to reset itself. This is why week one is the most important. It allows your body to reset itself and get both your body and your mind on the Keto path.

I can do it (and so can you)!
Once you know you can get through one week of this, you know you can keep going. It because easier and you begin to feel better and not want to give up. With the steps that I have in place, I know that I can get this done the right way. I know what I am doing and have more than done my research, thus the reason I feel confident to share all this information with you. I just need to apply to myself and I can’t lose. This blog and website are going to keep me focused. My overall health and determination are going to be my motivation.

So…. Here I go. Day one of Krave Keto!

Written By: Megan Nikole


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