DARK-SKINNED PRINCESS: Rachel Dolezal living in a world all her own.

I'm usually not one to write on other people's beliefs and lives, but in the last couple of days I've seen so much that I have to ask, are we all going fucking crazy?! We have all become so afraid of being politically correct that we can't call bullshit when we see it. The topics I am referring to is Rachel Dolezal (who I've written an article on before) Now I’m going to stress I’m not downplaying anyone for feeling a certain way. But it is when people are getting recognition and the fact that this is now considered news. Here is my humble opinion on the Rachel Dolezal situation:
Rachel Dolezal was called out about a year ago for lying to everyone claiming she was a black woman with black struggles. When pictures of her from childhood surfaced, she began to change her story. She then said she "identified as black." This was at the height of the gender identity movement, and frankly, she simply used the words that were trending at the time. She was a freckled face, blond headed, blue eyed girl who had turned herself into a kinky curled bronzed "black women." The best part is her new memoir "In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World" where she talks about what identifies race, and how being around the black community gave her a sense of belonging. Try truly being bi-racial and then, maybe, we would understand your struggle. She married a black man, (who she later divorced stating she was too “black for him) had bi-racial children but that doesn't make her black. That fact will never change. We have all seen non-black people "act" black (which is a horrible stereotype in and of itself but written for explanation purposes). In fact, they made a spoof about it in "Malibu's Most Wanted" where a privileged white teenager see's himself as being a black man. I can understand feeling more attracted to one race or another. I personally knew a young woman who was in love with the Japanese culture. She studied it, immersed herself in it and lived it the best she could. But that never changed the fact that she was a young black woman from Chicago Illinois, and she always knew that. That is what made her who she was. We have all heard about black people bleaching their skin to be lighter, but that doesn't mean they think they are white.

Science is always changing, and we are consistently learning new things. However, the one thing that has remains that same is your DNA. That will never change no matter who hard some may try. Tan every day to become as dark as you want, but your skins will continue to be white underneath. For a woman question what race is, is just ludicrous! What you identify as and what you are may not always match, but that doesn't mean you get to convince others it's wrong.

I just struggle with the understanding of the need to put themselves on display. Before any of this hit the main social media, people went about their lives every day. If a white woman thinks she's black, she is standing up for what she believes in... None of this is new worthy. Be who you are. Love yourself and stop trying to make up new trends thinking it will help you fit in.

RACE:  A group of people united or classified together on the basis of common history, nationality, or geographic distribution


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