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VANITY SLAVE: A Dames truth to our vanity

“The high school female need earrings and details so she can be cool to be amongst popularity. The various name brands that reach the price scan that’s not about the right price, but more like the right scam to rule us all, confuse us all…”  ~ Kendrick LamarVanity Slave
Our generation has lived through the greatest recession the United Stated has seen since the Great Depression. But through this Americans seemed to not curb their spending habits much at all in light of the economic struggle. Saving accounts dwindled and people were losing their homes, but the need and want for materialistic didn’t change. In fact, for some, it even seemed to get worse because they didn’t want anyone to think “they were affected” when it truly touched us all. So the question is why is it so important to make sure everyone else sees that we have the best? This is what makes us vanity slaves. It is our state of mind. When we are overspending even though our bank accounts are empty, this mean we are vanity…

BEING PROFESSIONAL: A Dame's guide to always being a Professional

The first place people look to figure out what is trendy or in style is the TV. The shows on television depict a lot of different perspectives of individuals. The one depiction that is common both in shows and in reality, are the way professionals are viewed. For example, when you hear "professional women" the image of a well-groomed, well-mannered woman comes to mind. They would have a clean polished look, including a nice suit and a killer pair of heels. She would be confident and strong in her position and would act accordingly. But in reality every job has its own atmosphere and level of what is considered professional. What may seem acceptable in one company may not be in another. Regardless of the atmosphere, there basic rules to professionalism. Here are some tips to remain professional at all times no matter where you work.

BULLYING IN THE WORK PLACE: How not to become a victim

The door opens, you slowly walk in. All eyes are on you. You are officially in the lions den. This is the feeling when you are new walking into an office full of women. Women are nurturing, loving and compassionate, right? Wrong. Kind of. They can be vicious, spiteful, mean girls almost reverting back to high school like tactics within the workplace. We can become like pack animals, tearing into one another jut because it's the latest gossip. You could be a new girl, wear a bad outfit, or simply say something that someone doesn't like and that could make them turn on you. People group together in all different settings but when they become clicky and start making others uncomfortable, it becomes a problem. Doing the same thing day in and day out can become almost boring. And knowing that people thrive off of drama and chaos (the reason Jerry Springer is still on TV) they will do what's necessary to keep stirring the pot. Be sure it's not you helping  turn your work pla…

KNOWING YOUR WORTH: A Dames Guide to Confidence

Being a woman is both wonderful and difficult. More so than men, we are constantly being compared to one another and to our male counterparts. If you come across as too strong, that is intimidating and a turn off, however if you are too soft and sweet in nature, people may tend to walk all over you. This is where you need to know your worth. Knowing you're worth is always having confidence in yourself, but that is a lot easier said than done. We have all struggled with this at some point, and may continue to struggle with each new chapter in our lives. But it is important to find it, know it, and embrace it early on so that you don't allow others or your own negativity consume you. Here are some key tips on how to find your worth, know worth and embrace your worth.

JOB vs. CAREER: A Dame guide to staying focused

For most of us going to work is very much an everyday part of our lives.  We go to work and become productive members of society. Or at least that is what we are told to do. What does that mean exactly? We get up, go to work, do a job and that means you are being productive? Simply because it's a job that needs to be done? Just because we go to work doesn’t mean we're as productive as we could be. I know a women that is working as a file clerk who has years of accounting experience. However, after the fall of the economy and with job creation still slowly picking up, qualified people are taking whatever jobs they can to pay for their survival needs. (When I say survival I mean housing, food, clothing, and so on, not someone living in a tent trying to stay warm at night) So I ask, wouldn’t her working in an accounting firm be the most productive work for her? But in the big picture of life, most of us work to survive. I say all of this to make a point that most of us are simply…


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MESSY DESK SYNDROME: Don't let this be you

Every office has it. The infamous messy desk. So many times you will walk by it and think to yourself, oh my they must be really busy. And this may very well be the truth, but more than likely they are just unorganized. Some people keep their desk messy to make themselves feel important or like they have more work than make really do. It helps make a not so busy person look busy. But for us hard working people, having an unorganized desk can do more harm than good. A clean desk equals a productive desk. And the more mess you have the likelier you are to be less productive. With money equaling time, the more work you can get done in least amount of time, the better off you are. Here are some ways to help keep you and your desk organized. 

WORKING MOTHERS: How to not let family hold you back from advancement

Getting offered a better position within your company is always very exciting. It means that you and your work have impressed someone to give you more responsibility, and likely more pay. But what happens when this new positions has a direct effect on your family. What is a single mother to do when it cuts into her family time? Does she pass up a position that she’s been offered? Or does she "make it work" at the expensive of time spent at home? If you are not able to improve yourself, then how can you improve your family? Here are some tips on how to "make it work" and not have to give up on your professional advancement.

STRESS: A dames guide to managing stress at work

We all have to work, well most of us anyway, and I will venture to say most simply have jobs and not careers. We work for a paycheck so we can live. The economy is getting stronger, but I know from personal experience that a lot of hard working people are pushed and overloaded in their current positions. This leads to stress, and for some of us a lot of it. It is one thing to be busy and productive at work, but it's another to let work get you to the point of unhealthy stress. Which could eventually lead to all kinds of health related problems, including adrenal fatigue. Even if you choose to make work your life, there is a limit to how you should let it effect you. I have come up with some simple tips to help anyone unstress themselves at work.

WRITING FOR SUCCESS II: A Dames guide to successful writing

Winter is right around the corner and that means more time spent in the house, well at least for us here in the Midwest. But there is nothing wrong with that, it just leaves more time for writing. As with anything you do, practice makes perfect. Writing is no different and you can never write enough. I've mentioned in a previous blog "WRITING FOR SUCCESS" there are some very helpful tips that can help you get started and stay focused. Once those are put into place, I thought of a few more tips that I have picked up and learned from fellow writers that I want  to share. If you take on the task of becoming a writer and plan on others reading it, you want it to be the best piece you can produce.

Politically Correct: Is it ruining our Society

With the 2nd GOP debate just finishing up and Donald Trump leading in the poles the one thing that keeps coming up is the word "Politically Correct." The term Politically Correct was coined and made famous by  author Dinesh D'Souza in the 90's. Since then, it has seemed to give everyone the right to all of a sudden become super sensitive and to take everything personally. As Trump said, "I don't have time for being politically correct, and neither does America" and I'm couldn't agree more. If anything is said now-a-days, someone will be offended in some way or another. At what point can Americans say what they want or how they feel without getting back lash from the pubic. I say all of this with the understanding that I don't agree with hate speeches, but I do agree that we can say what we want and express how we feel. Let's take a look...


I just want to take a  quick second to let every know that an article I wrote was just posted for! I would love everyone to head over there and let me know what you think!! I am very excited, and hope you guys enjoy!

     **This is my first guest article, and would love to see your feedback posted**
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20's vs 30's: Which is better?

This Dames’ top 5 reason why being 30 is more fun than being 20

This weekend my best friend was in town from New York and she made dinner reservations at this wonderful chick spot, Celeste, in down town Chicago.  A bunch of girls came and we had an amazing time. While chatting over some wonderful drinks, a great conversation was started. What time in our lives was better, our 20’s or 30’s? We had a solid answer. It was undoubtedly our 30’s. I went home that night, thinking more about the topic and came up with my top 5 reasons on why it is more fun being in my 30’s than my 20’s (and I am not just saying that because I am getting older) Truth be told, I cried when I turned 30. Only to realized it was actually pretty awesome.

OFFICE ROMANCE: A Dames Guide to Navigating Office Romance

Americans spend more time at work then they do at home. (While awake of course) And it would be a natural to assume that in spending this much time with people a possible attraction may occur. Studies say that about 40% of people have had relationship within the work place. If you take a look at most work policies, this is very much frowned upon but it doesn’t seem to be stopping people. If done right, an office romance can be a very positive thing. It may help you get through the day and look forward coming to work. If done wrong, it can be disastrous and could even lead to either party ending their employment. Here are some tips on how to approach an office romance:

Juneteenth: Where we are today

I need to be completely honest with this… I am embarrassed to say I have never heard of Juneteenth until early this morning when I jumped on MSN.COM and saw an old drawing depicting slavery.
“Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States.  Dating back to 1865, it was onJune 19ththat the Union soldiers, led byMajor General Gordon Granger, landed at Galveston, Texas with news that the war had ended and that theenslaved were now free.” (
 I love history, and feel I am well read and versed on it. But even with my enthusiasm in history and culture I haven’t heard of this day. So why in 2015 is Juneteenth being brought to light all over the web? With all of the news recently about race, it begs the question; is this still a topic in America that needs to be discussed on a national level?
Being that I am bi-racial, I have been speaking about race before I even knew what the social matters where. It …

I Identify as BLACK: Black or White in America?

When I was going to school there were four “race” boxes to check: Black, White, Hispanic and Asian. Primarily the white box was checked, but I hesitantly checked black. Why with hesitation you ask? Because I am bi-racial and lived with my mother and grandmother (who where both primarily German decent) but every morning when I looked in the mirror I saw brown skin and curly hair. It took a long time to realize that I am who I am, and that just so happens to be white and black. (I say Black because I AM NOT African American, I don’t know what country my black ancestors were from as the people who willingly come here from Africa can) I am both. As a self-aware adult I can identify with both and am proud to be who I am. Going through questioning and teasing throughout my youth and yearly teen years was something that helped shape me into the women I am today.

Rachel Dolezalhas gone from a Spokane, Washington, activist to the focus of a highly charged national debate in re…

WRITING FOR SUCCESS: A Dames guide to successful writing

By: Megan Nikole

From blogs to novels and everything in between, if you’re a writer getting the ball rolling and finding time to write can be a real challenge. Whether you are full time writer or just write for fun, it can be hard to meet deadlines that you are given or give yourself. Let us say you’re writing a holiday story. It’s likely you want to release it around the first of November. It is recommended that you have the book finished 3 months prior to the book being released. So August would be a soft deadline for you. Maybe you have a goal to get a least 3 blogs posted weekly. This would be another soft deadline. Regardless of your time frame, it is nice to have plan and strategy to get the most productivity out of the time spent on your writing. Here are a few tips that may help you map out a plan for success.

LOYALTY: A dames way to navigate female friendships in and outside of the work place

“I don’t like her, so why are you talking to her?” 
If your friend has a problem with her, how could you possibly get along with this “outsider”?
I'm sure we have all heard this at some point from one of our friends. The conversation will usual bring up the question of who you loyalties are with.  This can happen with family, friends or even in the work place. At times it may feel like a difficult situation, and you may feel that there is a line that shouldn’t be cross. Why would you be friends with someone who hurt someone close to you? Believe me ladies, it is possible. You are your own person and have your own personality, like who you want to be friends with. Here are some tips on how to navigate through this emotional situation.
Stick to your gut:
As you get older, your intuition is a very helpful guide. Some people are better than others at being able to read people, however you know if you like someone or not. If two people you know get into an argument, leave that be…

VOTING: Why we just don't care to do it anymore...

By: Megan Nikole

Get out and vote! It seems like the TV screams this at you every time there is an election around the corner. However, for the Chicago Electoral Mayor election, only 33% of voters turned out. Why you ask? Was it due to the weather or maybe people just hadn't registered in time? No. Chicagoan’s can brave any weather, and with the amount of presidential backing and publicity for this election, EVERYONE knew it was coming and had ample time to get registered. So then why weren't there more people out voting? The answer is simple and I feel it is threefold.
                                     1. Disconnect from politics
                                     2. Our doubt in Chicago Politician
                                     3. Our voices really aren't heard

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: How to proceed when beginning a new relationship

By: Megan Nikole
You lock eyes, slowly moving in for the kiss and BOOM! Sparks fly. You have finally found someone you want to be with. Everything seems to be wonderful and magical and it can only get better, right? Not always. No one person can tell you how you should feel and there is no set time frame for having sex, moving in and so on. But there are some key points that tend to come up when first meeting someone. You always want to make sure you know that the person you want to spend your life with is the right person and they want the same thing.


It comes very year, no matter how hard we wish for it to be here or not to be here. It's when every store is filled with red and pink hearts, and there are more jewelry commercials than usual. It’s the dreaded V-Day. Valentine’s Day. It is the day that, when you are with someone it is supposed to be amazing and romantic, and when you are single you just want it to be over with. So how is a dame, be it single or in a relationship, supposed to survive this monumental day? Here are some tips on how to take the day head on, and come out with a smile.
Embrace it:

            Single: It’s going to happen. The day is going to come. Make the best out of it! Instead of dwelling on the fact that you don’t have a significant other to share your day with, focus on the people that you do have in your life. Make it about family, friends or even co-workings. To make the day more light hearted, why don’t you try baking for them. Or you could go old school with the little Valentine’s Day cards and …

Extreme Shopping In Extreme Weather: A Dames Journey to Snow Boots

By: Megan Nikole   

   The day was over cast and dreary, a light mist fell down on us like a mist from ocean waves. But instead, this mist was frozen and cold. Red break lights were scattered all over the parking lot as everyone battled to get a spot. The store in front of us, only standing about two stories high, looked to be a mecca. There was no seeing inside as the windows were shielded by giant red signs.  50% ALL BOOTS.Droves of people were walking in through the doors. Once securely parked, we would be walking through them as well.

      Let me rewind and start from the beginning. I live in Chicago, and the weather is extreme here to say the least. Last winter was one of the snowiest that we have had on record, and this year, on Super Bowl Sunday, there was a winter storm, that ranked in the top 5 of most snow in one storm totaling 21 inches. 
     At the start of the season I, attempting to be the fashion dame that I am, simply refused to purchase a pair of snow boots that        …

SALARY NEGOTIATION: Tips on salary negotiation for women in the work place

With the job market becoming healthier, more and more women (and men) are entering back into the workforce or ready to move into a higher paying positions. However, just because you may deserve more or want more you will have to learn the art of salary negotiation.
I say the “art of salary negation” because that is exactly what it is. If asking for more money was as easy as just saying “Hey I need to make more money” we would all be making more. Approaching a potential employer can be a very difficult thing. It can be even worse if you have little or no experience doing it. It also becomes challenging if you are a woman who may be soft spoken or timid to speak up and ask for what is financially necessary for you. We are going to go over 4 tips to help you negotiate your salary.
Make a financial spreadsheet:
When you are searching for a new job, some will post the salary offered and some won’t. So before going on any job interview and defiantly before discussing salary, it is imperative…


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