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VOTING: Why we just don't care to do it anymore...

By: Megan Nikole

Get out and vote! It seems like the TV screams this at you every time there is an election around the corner. However, for the Chicago Electoral Mayor election, only 33% of voters turned out. Why you ask? Was it due to the weather or maybe people just hadn't registered in time? No. Chicagoan’s can brave any weather, and with the amount of presidential backing and publicity for this election, EVERYONE knew it was coming and had ample time to get registered. So then why weren't there more people out voting? The answer is simple and I feel it is threefold.
                                     1. Disconnect from politics
                                     2. Our doubt in Chicago Politician
                                     3. Our voices really aren't heard

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: How to proceed when beginning a new relationship

By: Megan Nikole
You lock eyes, slowly moving in for the kiss and BOOM! Sparks fly. You have finally found someone you want to be with. Everything seems to be wonderful and magical and it can only get better, right? Not always. No one person can tell you how you should feel and there is no set time frame for having sex, moving in and so on. But there are some key points that tend to come up when first meeting someone. You always want to make sure you know that the person you want to spend your life with is the right person and they want the same thing.


It comes very year, no matter how hard we wish for it to be here or not to be here. It's when every store is filled with red and pink hearts, and there are more jewelry commercials than usual. It’s the dreaded V-Day. Valentine’s Day. It is the day that, when you are with someone it is supposed to be amazing and romantic, and when you are single you just want it to be over with. So how is a dame, be it single or in a relationship, supposed to survive this monumental day? Here are some tips on how to take the day head on, and come out with a smile.
Embrace it:

            Single: It’s going to happen. The day is going to come. Make the best out of it! Instead of dwelling on the fact that you don’t have a significant other to share your day with, focus on the people that you do have in your life. Make it about family, friends or even co-workings. To make the day more light hearted, why don’t you try baking for them. Or you could go old school with the little Valentine’s Day cards and …

Extreme Shopping In Extreme Weather: A Dames Journey to Snow Boots

By: Megan Nikole   

   The day was over cast and dreary, a light mist fell down on us like a mist from ocean waves. But instead, this mist was frozen and cold. Red break lights were scattered all over the parking lot as everyone battled to get a spot. The store in front of us, only standing about two stories high, looked to be a mecca. There was no seeing inside as the windows were shielded by giant red signs.  50% ALL BOOTS.Droves of people were walking in through the doors. Once securely parked, we would be walking through them as well.

      Let me rewind and start from the beginning. I live in Chicago, and the weather is extreme here to say the least. Last winter was one of the snowiest that we have had on record, and this year, on Super Bowl Sunday, there was a winter storm, that ranked in the top 5 of most snow in one storm totaling 21 inches. 
     At the start of the season I, attempting to be the fashion dame that I am, simply refused to purchase a pair of snow boots that        …

SALARY NEGOTIATION: Tips on salary negotiation for women in the work place

With the job market becoming healthier, more and more women (and men) are entering back into the workforce or ready to move into a higher paying positions. However, just because you may deserve more or want more you will have to learn the art of salary negotiation.
I say the “art of salary negation” because that is exactly what it is. If asking for more money was as easy as just saying “Hey I need to make more money” we would all be making more. Approaching a potential employer can be a very difficult thing. It can be even worse if you have little or no experience doing it. It also becomes challenging if you are a woman who may be soft spoken or timid to speak up and ask for what is financially necessary for you. We are going to go over 4 tips to help you negotiate your salary.
Make a financial spreadsheet:
When you are searching for a new job, some will post the salary offered and some won’t. So before going on any job interview and defiantly before discussing salary, it is imperative…


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