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LOYALTY: A dames way to navigate female friendships in and outside of the work place

“I don’t like her, so why are you talking to her?” 
If your friend has a problem with her, how could you possibly get along with this “outsider”?
I'm sure we have all heard this at some point from one of our friends. The conversation will usual bring up the question of who you loyalties are with.  This can happen with family, friends or even in the work place. At times it may feel like a difficult situation, and you may feel that there is a line that shouldn’t be cross. Why would you be friends with someone who hurt someone close to you? Believe me ladies, it is possible. You are your own person and have your own personality, like who you want to be friends with. Here are some tips on how to navigate through this emotional situation.
Stick to your gut:
As you get older, your intuition is a very helpful guide. Some people are better than others at being able to read people, however you know if you like someone or not. If two people you know get into an argument, leave that be…