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WRITING FOR SUCCESS: A Dames guide to successful writing

By: Megan Nikole

From blogs to novels and everything in between, if you’re a writer getting the ball rolling and finding time to write can be a real challenge. Whether you are full time writer or just write for fun, it can be hard to meet deadlines that you are given or give yourself. Let us say you’re writing a holiday story. It’s likely you want to release it around the first of November. It is recommended that you have the book finished 3 months prior to the book being released. So August would be a soft deadline for you. Maybe you have a goal to get a least 3 blogs posted weekly. This would be another soft deadline. Regardless of your time frame, it is nice to have plan and strategy to get the most productivity out of the time spent on your writing. Here are a few tips that may help you map out a plan for success.