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WRITING FOR SUCCESS II: A Dames guide to successful writing

Winter is right around the corner and that means more time spent in the house, well at least for us here in the Midwest. But there is nothing wrong with that, it just leaves more time for writing. As with anything you do, practice makes perfect. Writing is no different and you can never write enough. I've mentioned in a previous blog "WRITING FOR SUCCESS" there are some very helpful tips that can help you get started and stay focused. Once those are put into place, I thought of a few more tips that I have picked up and learned from fellow writers that I want  to share. If you take on the task of becoming a writer and plan on others reading it, you want it to be the best piece you can produce.

Politically Correct: Is it ruining our Society

With the 2nd GOP debate just finishing up and Donald Trump leading in the poles the one thing that keeps coming up is the word "Politically Correct." The term Politically Correct was coined and made famous by  author Dinesh D'Souza in the 90's. Since then, it has seemed to give everyone the right to all of a sudden become super sensitive and to take everything personally. As Trump said, "I don't have time for being politically correct, and neither does America" and I'm couldn't agree more. If anything is said now-a-days, someone will be offended in some way or another. At what point can Americans say what they want or how they feel without getting back lash from the pubic. I say all of this with the understanding that I don't agree with hate speeches, but I do agree that we can say what we want and express how we feel. Let's take a look...


I just want to take a  quick second to let every know that an article I wrote was just posted for! I would love everyone to head over there and let me know what you think!! I am very excited, and hope you guys enjoy!

     **This is my first guest article, and would love to see your feedback posted**
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20's vs 30's: Which is better?

This Dames’ top 5 reason why being 30 is more fun than being 20

This weekend my best friend was in town from New York and she made dinner reservations at this wonderful chick spot, Celeste, in down town Chicago.  A bunch of girls came and we had an amazing time. While chatting over some wonderful drinks, a great conversation was started. What time in our lives was better, our 20’s or 30’s? We had a solid answer. It was undoubtedly our 30’s. I went home that night, thinking more about the topic and came up with my top 5 reasons on why it is more fun being in my 30’s than my 20’s (and I am not just saying that because I am getting older) Truth be told, I cried when I turned 30. Only to realized it was actually pretty awesome.