MESSY DESK SYNDROME: Don't let this be you

Every office has it. The infamous messy desk. So many times you will walk by it and think to yourself, oh my they must be really busy. And this may very well be the truth, but more than likely they are just unorganized. Some people keep their desk messy to make themselves feel important or like they have more work than make really do. It helps make a not so busy person look busy. But for us hard working people, having an unorganized desk can do more harm than good. A clean desk equals a productive desk. And the more mess you have the likelier you are to be less productive. With money equaling time, the more work you can get done in least amount of time, the better off you are. Here are some ways to help keep you and your desk organized. 

Stop making Excuses:

"It's messy but I know exactly where everything is." "If it stays on my desk long enough it will take care itself." I'm sure we've all told ourselves that excuse at one point in time. But it's just that, an excuse. Any position needs to be as productive as possible; depending on the position others may need to find things on your desk when you're not around. That can be a problem when you can't even find your highlighter among your pile-o-mess. Don't hide behind your mess and make it clean and productive for yourself and your co-workers.

Sorting through it all:

Tackling and organizing your desk can seem extremely daunting. You need to take it one piece of paper at a time. This will help make it seem less overwhelming. When you decided to begin cleaning, make sure you do it during a quiet time of day in efforts to limit possible distractions. You want to be able figuring out where everything goes and what needs to be done with it. Don't feel the need to take action on every piece of paper as you come across it. If you are able to delegate out any work, make sure you do so. Then you are able to prioritize the remaining work accordingly. Keep what needs to be done immediately in one area and put the remaining work in a designated inbox. 

Invest in supplies:

Depending on the company that you work for, you may be able to order your own supplies. This could be done either before or after you start sorting out your desk. If your company will not provide them, make sure you invest in some. It'll be well worth your time in the long run. It may be as simple as an inbox, filing rack, or maybe just some additional file folders. This will help you keep everything sorted, well organized and most importantly, easy to access when needed. Also be sure to keep everything well labeled. Continue to put your work in its proper place so your desk will remain
clear and productive. **(TIP)** only keep current items in your inbox. If you are waiting on additional information to complete the task place it in another holding area

 Stay on top of it:

So you finally got your desk all cleared off and organize. Now you need to insure that it stays that way. Set aside a time once a week to go through all of your piles, all of your folders and inboxes to ensure that everything is done in a timely manner and that nothing is remaining for the week. This will help prevent you from ended up where you started. **(TIP)**Don't forget Clorox wipes are your friend! They help keep your area sanitized and helps keep germs away.

Don't allow yourself to have "Messy desk Syndrome." It will benefit you in the long run to keep your work space clean and tidy, helping you be as productive as possible.  

By: Megan Nikole
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9 Smart yet Simple Ways to Organize Your Office
9 Smart Yet Simple Ways to Organize Your Office
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