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BULLYING IN THE WORK PLACE: How not to become a victim

The door opens, you slowly walk in. All eyes are on you. You are officially in the lions den. This is the feeling when you are new walking into an office full of women. Women are nurturing, loving and compassionate, right? Wrong. Kind of. They can be vicious, spiteful, mean girls almost reverting back to high school like tactics within the workplace. We can become like pack animals, tearing into one another jut because it's the latest gossip. You could be a new girl, wear a bad outfit, or simply say something that someone doesn't like and that could make them turn on you. People group together in all different settings but when they become clicky and start making others uncomfortable, it becomes a problem. Doing the same thing day in and day out can become almost boring. And knowing that people thrive off of drama and chaos (the reason Jerry Springer is still on TV) they will do what's necessary to keep stirring the pot. Be sure it's not you helping  turn your work pla…

KNOWING YOUR WORTH: A Dames Guide to Confidence

Being a woman is both wonderful and difficult. More so than men, we are constantly being compared to one another and to our male counterparts. If you come across as too strong, that is intimidating and a turn off, however if you are too soft and sweet in nature, people may tend to walk all over you. This is where you need to know your worth. Knowing you're worth is always having confidence in yourself, but that is a lot easier said than done. We have all struggled with this at some point, and may continue to struggle with each new chapter in our lives. But it is important to find it, know it, and embrace it early on so that you don't allow others or your own negativity consume you. Here are some key tips on how to find your worth, know worth and embrace your worth.

JOB vs. CAREER: A Dame guide to staying focused

For most of us going to work is very much an everyday part of our lives.  We go to work and become productive members of society. Or at least that is what we are told to do. What does that mean exactly? We get up, go to work, do a job and that means you are being productive? Simply because it's a job that needs to be done? Just because we go to work doesn’t mean we're as productive as we could be. I know a women that is working as a file clerk who has years of accounting experience. However, after the fall of the economy and with job creation still slowly picking up, qualified people are taking whatever jobs they can to pay for their survival needs. (When I say survival I mean housing, food, clothing, and so on, not someone living in a tent trying to stay warm at night) So I ask, wouldn’t her working in an accounting firm be the most productive work for her? But in the big picture of life, most of us work to survive. I say all of this to make a point that most of us are simply…


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