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Escape Rooms: A Dames way to Family Fun Time

Have ever heard of Escape Games? I hadn't either until I recently I went out to LA to spend some time with my sister and my nephew. And first let me say that was wonderful. Not only to get away from work for a little while but to actually spend time with them. I am currently in Chicago and I don't have a lot of spare time to for my family out of state.

SETTING GOALS: A Dames Guide to Goal Setting for 2016

Everyone should set goals in their lives and what better time to set new goals then with the coming of the new year. It gives us something to work for and a sense of accomplishment when our goals are met. Just as important as setting goals in our personal lives, we should also be setting goals for our professional lives, both long and short term. It isn't as much as a "five-year plan" as just setting out to accomplish something important to you and to achieve them. Here are some tips on how to accomplish your goals set in 2016 (and beyond).