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TRUMP: You're fired to You're Hired? For President...

You're fired to your hired? As president of the United States? When America found out that Donald Trump was running for president, I am sure more than most thought it would never get too far. I mean after all, the guy is the TV celebrity host of The Apprentice. The man with companies and money. Not that it wasn't an awesome show and very entertaining, but how could he expected to be taken seriously with some of the stunts he's pulled in the past? It's not unheard of for celebrities to run for office. We had one of our greatest leaders, Ronald Reagan who starred in 19 films before is presidency and an iconic actor of our time Arnold Schwarzenegger become governor of the great state of California. But a business mogul like Trump? I'm not sure anyone saw it coming. However with this nomination and subsequent political campaign party, Trump as risen to the top of the Republican party like non-other. He has remained leaps and bounds ahead of his fellow candidates and co…

BLACK PANTHERS: Yesterday to Today

I was in middle school and I had to write a paper on a historical figure. I decided to write a paper on the Black Panthers. They were powerful, looked tough as could be and had awesome clothes and carried guns. As a child this is what intrigued me, but when I took a closer look, many positive things about the organization stood out. They simply wanted to stand up and help their local community. Now 50 years later seeing the PBS's documentary, Vanguard of the Revolution,  filmed by Stanley Nelson I brought be back and caught my immediate attention. I’m older, much wiser and realized there was so much more than the outward appearance of any group. I couldn't help but make correlations from what is taking place in the news then to what was taking place in the news today. How can this be? With all this time past, people of the black community are still calling for the same action and rights to be taken. Here is my interpretation of the Black Panthers from yesterday and the current…

POSITIVE ATTITUDE: It's importance in the work place

Having a positive mental attitude is more important in the workplace than most people think. When you exude positivity it will translate throughout the office. Have you ever been in a situation when somebody comes into work upset or angry and it seems to just to suck the air right out of the room? You never want to be that person. It puts everyone on edge and can be a real drain to office morale. Here are five tips on how to keep a positive attitude for the benefit of yourself and those around you while at work.

EMPOWERMENT: What it Means to a Dame

When you hear the word empowerment you may think of somebody who can take on the world without hesitation. This word should give us that feeling. Feeling empowered is something that no one is able to take from you. However sometimes being a woman in the workplace or even at times in your relationships, this word may not be something you consider yourself. What is important to always remember that we as women, as individuals, can only empower ourselves. A woman will never truly be empowered because of anything given to her; it's something that's earned from hard work and dedication in all matters of life. Here are my five characteristics that every woman should have to becoming empowered.

HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS:Tips for Dames to keep their relationships amazing

Being in love is one of the best feelings in the world. With Valentine's Day right around the corner now would be a terrific time to take a look at your relationship and find ways to make it even better than it already is. We all know that relationships always start out amazingly wonderful and let's face it, it is this new and exciting time that makes us fall in love with our part enters. But sometimes that initial puppy love stage fizzles out. This is the worst thing that could happen to anybody's relationship and it’s important that you keep the love and compassion very much in the forefront at all times. To help do that, here are some key rules that every couple should follow to make their relationship wonderful.

Valentine's Day: Do it like a DAME!

Ready for Valentine’s Day? Well Dames it’s right around the corner. Depending on who you ask, you will find so many different outlooks on Valentine’s Day. Some say it is just a Hallmark holiday, while others take it so seriously that they are willing to fight with their significant others if the day doesn't go exactly as they have it planned in their heads. What everyone should realize is that there are different ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Whether you are in a relationship, single or just not feeling Valentine’s Day this year there is always a way to enjoy the day and make the most out of any situation. Here are five different ways that will help you make your Valentine’s Day great!