TRUMP: You're fired to You're Hired? For President...

You're fired to your hired? As president of the United States? When America found out that Donald Trump was running for president, I am sure more than most thought it would never get too far. I mean after all, the guy is the TV celebrity host of The Apprentice. The man with companies and money. Not that it wasn't an awesome show and very entertaining, but how could he expected to be taken seriously with some of the stunts he's pulled in the past? It's not unheard of for celebrities to run for office. We had one of our greatest leaders, Ronald Reagan who starred in 19 films before is presidency and an iconic actor of our time Arnold Schwarzenegger become governor of the great state of California. But a business mogul like Trump? I'm not sure anyone saw it coming. However with this nomination and subsequent political campaign party, Trump as risen to the top of the Republican party like non-other. He has remained leaps and bounds ahead of his fellow candidates and continues to grow in popularity even amongst EVERYONES best efforts to keep him down. Here are my top five reasons why Trump is doing so well with the American people.

Not Politically Correct 

It's hard to say what is truly on your mind without someone getting offended by it. I wrote on article in the beginning of this republican race about Political Correctness and how it is destroying us. This doesn't mean people should go around spewing hatred and being absurd, but people should be able to say what is on their minds without getting punished for it. One of the platforms that Trump runs on his that he isn't afraid to say what is on everyone's mind. He isn't scared of the back lash he may receive. This openness and seemingly honesty about him is what draws people to listen to him and want to follow him. 

Non Politician

Why don't people like politicians? Because they are politicians. It is safe to say that most American don't trust politicians. They say they are going to do one thing and then will turn around and throw their support behind someone else who has the exact opposite ideals. When it comes to most business people what they say is what they are going to do. It is in their best interests to follow the business plan they laid out. They tend to stick to their guns and not sway because someone doesn't like what they are doing. They stay the course because that's what is going to pay off. If more of our politicians "stayed the course" I feel a lot more people would find them to be more trustworthy. 

Pop culture
Thanks to popular culture, no matter who you are, you have heard the name Donald Trump before. He has been a household name for many years. He has been so successful in what he does, they have made movies out of it, and movies based off of his life. When it comes to standing behind a candidate, people want to know who they are backing. With his years of popularity people know exactly who Trump is, and if they don't they at least think they do. Let's just say they know more about him then any other candidate running for the Republican Party and that is what makes him likable. 

American values

American has come a long way from its seemingly idyllic years, when we knew we are the most powerful country in the world. When we felt safe and knew that our economy was strong. But we have also grown quite a bit too with our acceptance to people of all kinds as well. So I don't think when Trump says let's make America better again, he means to throw ourselves back into the 50's. Are values have changed drastically from the days of Kennedy or even Regan, to the point where it is thought Americans don't hold any values. As we know, this couldn't be further from the truth. We value the same things that we always have, our freedom our families and our country. And the platform the Trump is running on, makes people believe that is what his agenda is as well.

Track record of success

People look at what you've done to see what you are able to do. In Trumps' case, he has done A LOT. He has taken something and turned it into an empire. Not only that, but he has been able to sustain in throughout the economies' recent mass recession. Him and his teams business plans have continuously been successful and has proven him a terrific business man. With that being set there are a certain set of skills someone most posses to make deals happen so favorably. It would be hard pressed to find someone saying these traits aren't something that our future president must have.  

By: Megan Nikole
Just a dame in the life


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