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UNDERSTANDING BEAUTY: What beauty should mean to a Dame

What is beauty to a dame or to anyone for that matter? I feel that women's thoughts on beauty may be different from the way other people see it, and from the way men see us. The imagines we are bombarded with everyday are that of women with long flowing hair down to their butts and waist lines that could rival a child’s. We want to make sure our make-up looks like the girls on TV, and essentially to be flawless.  Now the amount of make-up worn was not considered or the amount of time spent airbrushing or lighting put into the picture, all we see if the final result and want to look like that.  But this is real life, and it is so important to realize there is so much more to being beautiful.

RACING MIND: How to turn your racing mind into great work

I know at times my mind will absolutely not turn off. I have thoughts racing through my head about what the next blog should be or even the next book I should start writing. Sometimes I find it’s difficult to keep all of these ideas in my head. When you're a writer, or simply have a creative mind, it seems it's very hard to shut off your thoughts sometimes. I know from personal experience, I always have thoughts that crossed my mind and sometimes not in the most opportune moments. Here's a few tips on how to capture your racing mind and turn it into awesome topics to write about, add to your collection of book ideas, or just save for future use.