BEING ORIGINAL: How to own being your own self!

In a society that seemingly wants everyone to be the same, yet screams for individuality, it's no wonder why people have such a hard time finding themselves in today's overloaded media driven existence. Some people may think they are their own person, but still seek the approval of others. And while we as humans seek approval, we need to ensure that we are seeking it from the right people; the people who truly matter in our lives. But being truly unique is actually easier said than done. Most people who are, tend to be looked as different or weird. But there are ways to truly be your own person; to not bother yourself with what others may think about you. Here are some tips that will help you be able to allow the real you to shine through at all times.

Don't be afraid:
One of the biggest fears that people have is being judged by others. They are so consumed what someone may think of them, that they will alter themselves to be accepted or fit it. We are trained as children to fit in. It is part of society. We try to fit in and mold ourselves to social groups as early as elementary school. Whatever point you are currently at in your life you need to realize the difference between friends and social groups. With your friends and your family you shouldn't have to be a certain way. You can totally be who you are and they will accept you for it. Don't be afraid of what others think of you. If you own who you are and stay turn to yourself then there will be nothing to be afraid of. 

Be Strong:
When you are yourself and don't conform to others, you may find yourself on the outside looking in at times. Don't let this get you down. Being strong willed is a must in being your own person. You are never going to agree with everything everyone has to say. You have to find your voice and use it when needed. The strength will come when people may oppose you. This doesn't mean you can't comprise or change your mind or opinions, just don't be so quick to agree with someone to avoid a confrontation and follow the crowd. We all weren't born with the ability to lead or speak up, and that is ok too. Just be strong enough to not follow just because it cool. Be strong enough to own who you are and be proud enough to share it with the rest of the world. 

Venture inside the social norms:
If your dream is to become a lawyer, but you like tattoos, it wouldn't be wise to get tattoos all over your body in plain sight so people can see. While this isn't necessarily someone passing judgment, it following a standardized norm. Norms are unwritten rules that societies put into place. It is something that the "majority" will agree is right or wrong. If you are a tom boy, then be one. If you like pink and what to look like Barbie, do it. There is nothing wrong with staying true to what you love deep down. But do keep in mind that if you go too outside the norms, you may hit some road blocks when trying to achieve some of your goals. 

Love all aspects of yourself:
This is one of the hardest things to learn and do. Loving every bit of yourself can be challenging, as we tend to be the hardest on ourselves. We may love our bodies, but hate our jobs. Or we may be super happy with our social life, but not pleased with our jobs. Nothing will ever be perfect, for anyone. But making sure that you are not downing yourself, but instead bettering yourself is the key to loving yourself and owning who you are. This may sound cliché, but every morning when you get up, go over your goals and tell yourself the positive attributes you see in yourself. When you work hard on being yourself, the list will just continue to grow.

Don't ever be afraid to own who you are and never be ashamed of anything about yourself. Loving yourself may be one of the most challenging tips listing, but ultimately is the most important. Never allow other opinions of you make you change who you are, and be strong enough to show the world who you are from the inside out! Be you, own it, live it, and love it! 

 By: Megan Nikole
Just a dame in the life


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