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BLACK FRIDAY : CYBER MONDAY: Will it ever change?

I know and fully understand that we are always looking for good deals, but at what point do we as society say enough is enough. When is the true meaning of the holidays going to actually mean something more than money savings? The elaborate ends that retailers have been going through for years are simply getting out of control. Every year it is slowly eating up more precious time that we have with our families. They are creeping onto what had been that special time of year to enjoy and give thanks for those you love. Now instead of relaxing people are planning on how soon they can get to the stores or be the first in line to get a deal, that honestly, isn't much better than any other time of year. We have been programmed to covet material things to such an extent that we will endure these crazy frenzies, on top of looking sight of what is really important in our lives. Don't you think this is something we should be looking at? Well I do...