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Week one of me being my own boss is officially over. I woke this morning with a newfound energy for all my amazing ideas. This last week was not easy though. There were a couple days that I really had to ask myself if I made the right decision. And thanks to my amazing support system, I realized that I had. However, I feel like I haven't accomplished very much. I looked around and realized that I have not touched anything in my house. No laundry had been done and my dishes where piled in my sink. I also noticed that by the end of the week I was staying up later at night and sleeping in longer the morning. All of this had me concerned. So here's what I'm going to do to correct it and here's what you should do when trying to start your own business. Here are some tips to help stay focused, engaged, and productive in the beginning stages of working for yourself.


I just quit my job... Well not just, but last week, but I did it. So here I am, 33 years old with bills and adult responsibilities and I am going to follow my passions. I am going to start my own business. "Hmmm what am I going to do?" you may ask. Well that is a great question. Trust me, I have been asking that myself for the last 48 hours. When someone has such a huge life change, that last thing that anyone would expect is for them to share it with the world. Well wait... It is 2017, people pretty much share EVERYTHING on-line, so maybe I'm not too far off. But I want to do more than just put all my personal business out there. I want to take people through my experiences, my ups and downs of truly trying to become a professional blogger and fiction author. Like so many of us in today day in age, we simply work because we have to survive. We work to live.