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THE WITCH: My Very First Published Book

If you've followed me for any length of time, you know that I love writing. Enough so, that I've quite my day job to pursue it full time. Now I am happy and proud to share my first book you! I couldn't be more excited to finally be able to call myself an author.  I've been writing since highs school, publishing some poetry, writing for my school newspaper in college, and doing freelance work for the last couple of years. This is just a short introduction to my first finished book. 
For the next 5 days, I will be offering it FREE to my fans, followers, and anyone else looking for a good suspense horror story. 
Please Download, Read, and Review.
" When a young witch finds herself in a new world she wants nothing more than to keep her and her family safe.
But when her secret is exposed, there is no telling what evil she will unleash to protect them. "

DARK-SKINNED PRINCESS: Rachel Dolezal living in a world all her own.

I'm usually not one to write on other people's beliefs and lives, but in the last couple of days I've seen so much that I have to ask, are we all going fucking crazy?! We have all become so afraid of being politically correct that we can't call bullshit when we see it. The topics I am referring to is Rachel Dolezal (who I've written an article on before) Now I’m going to stress I’m not downplaying anyone for feeling a certain way. But it is when people are getting recognition and the fact that this is now considered news. Here is my humble opinion on the Rachel Dolezal situation:

OVERCOMING SELF DOUBT: Real Life of this Dame

Have you ever felt that you didn't know what you where doing with your life? Well that is how I was feeling. I quit my job to follow my passion of writing, however a little over a month has gone by and I was seemingly lost in my decision. I have never not worked... I have never been without a job this long willingly, and it was really fucking with me. I wanted to share the gambit of feeling I went through with you to hopefully help someone else who may be going through this very same thing.