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5 Reasons to Never Feel Bad for Working Your Ass Off

Us as women always seem to have so much of our plates. Our families, our friends, our households… But we also have our careers. And I am sure I am not the only one that feels that one or more of these have been neglected because of my career. I know that I put in over 60 hours of work weekly, if not more. I have jumped feet first into my business and my career to help make my dreams come true. I’ve been told I work too much, that I have an obsessive personality, that I’m a bad friend… I have been told a lot of things from people who love me very much. People who are concerned that I’m working too hard. But in my mind, I’m providing for myself, trying to reach levels of success I hadn’t before, and make a better life for my future.
I know I'm not the only working woman that feels this way. The feeling as if I have let people down due to my obsession to work harder. But as I reached higher, I realized I had nothing to feel bad or guilty about. That my actions and hard work had broug…